CW450042   Dutch Lantern

8" dia. x 13"T. A glass chimney is included. Lantern latches at the top for easy access. Shown with a 3" pillar candle, not included.  $48.95

4½" wide and 10" tall not including handle. This detailed lantern features glass on all four sides. Features a hinged door in the front and a handle. Light bulbs are not included. Electrical items have a small on/off switch on cord.    $42.00

Metal Lantern 23"H, 8"W  perfect for adding warmth and elegance to simple decor styles. The exquisite design of this lantern is ideal for giving a rustic, country cottage feel to your  room settings.    With a distressed finish the lantern base is accented with a metal mesh that filters the light of the candle, and casts a delightful glow.      $47.50

9½"W x 5"D x 12"T. Door on the side opens with a latch. Shown with 2 3" diameter candles. Candles are not included.   $54.00

This Hanging Nook Lantern is a rustic reproduction lantern with lots of country charm! Distressed black metal lantern with a circular wire frame handle and a removable flat shade. It features a built-in grungy wax LED taper. The lantern measures 11-1/2" H x 8" W, and requires 3 AA batteries (not included).  $32.00

CW400035   Curved Garden Lantern

T20224  Lantern with Distressed Finish with Tall Holder

Olde Country Charm Lanterns

CW550019   Sepia Candle Lantern with Chimney

EGMB1237  Railroad Lantern

CW400003   Keystone Lantern

CW814447   Large Paul Revere Lamp - Punched Star - Rustic Brown

CW814435  Small Half-Round Lantern with Punched Star

CW400043    Virginia Lantern

CW400039  Bayside Lantern

6" wide and 14½" tall. deep. Replace the light bulb by lifting out the glass pane in the front the lantern. Light bulbs are sold separately. Electrical items have a small on/off switch on cord.   $32.75

Measures 6¼" x 10¾". Glass is included. Shown with a 2" dia. candle, not included.     $35.50

10¼" x 21". Use the switch on the bottom of the lantern to illuminate the bright, long-lasting LED lights inside the glass chimney. Requires two AA batteries, not included.    $54.00

T30894  Swanky 16" Traditional Metal Glass Lantern

CW450043   Songbird Lantern

EG46307  Hanging Nook Lantern

CW817460   Large Milk House Lantern - Rustic Brown

 Lantern has a small opening with a mini-latch which can be opened to place a candle. If your office has a traditional design. An excellent addition to your home or office.   16" H x 6" W x 6" D.   $42.00

7" wide and 17" tall to top of ring. This large lantern features a mirror inside the back of the lantern. Its size makes it perfect for enclosed porches and sun rooms. Not intended for outdoor use. Light bulbs are not included.    $48.00

This big lamp measures 2 feet tall! 9½" dia. and 24" tall. Requires a standard size light bulb, not included.    $86.00

CW450041   Chimney Top Lantern

CW550009  Steeple Lantern

10½"W x 7½"D x 15"T. This large metal lantern has a latch on the side for easy access. It is shown with two 3" pillar candles, not included.   $72.00

8"W x 8"D x 19"T to top of handle. Door on the side opens with a latch. Candle is not included.    $74.50

This lantern measures 13¾" long, 7¾" deep and 20½" tall to top of handle. Light green finish is chipped to show grey underneath. Shown with 3" dia. candles, not included. Features a door to replace your candles, that closes with a latch.      $68.00

This cream-colored lantern has curved glass which adds detail to this piece. Features a curved door on one side with a latch. Measures 12" long, 7½" wide and 16½" tall to handle. Shown with 3" pillar candles, not included.   $62.00

Made of distressed, sturdy black metal, the Railroad Lantern features a wire cage that holds a round pillar candle. The lid opens and has a long metal handle. The lantern is 15" high by 7" wide.    $38.50                   OUT OF STOCK

This large lantern measures 10¼" wide at the widest part of the arms and 21" tall to the top of the handle. Base is 7¾" dia. and has a 5" dia. ring on the base for your candle. Has a textured dark grey finish. Shown with a 3" by 6" candle. Includes a glass chimney that measures about 7" wide and 11" tall. Candle is not included.  $42.00

CW550035  Angel Tears Steeple Lantern 

5½"W x 5½"D x 11"T not including handle. Door on the side opens with a latch. Candles are not included.     $42.25

CW817466   Santa Fe Coach Light - Rustic Brown