POLY STONE TABLE LAMP 28"H         $56.00              

Lamp is 32 inches tall and shade size is 11 inches. This table lamp is made from poly resin material .Switch used is E27 3- Way Max ,60 watt light bulb recommended. Light bulb not included.  $48.65

 11x6x6 inch  Made out of ceramic   In blue Shade  $28.95

 This is an elegant metal table lamp and a perfect lightning choice for your kid's bedroom. Brandishing a miniature car at the bottom and a beige colored lamp with blue accents. The lamp is affixed to a metallic plank smeared in matte black to secure its position. 8" W x 3" D x 23" H 12" W x 12" D x 9" H  $39.50

METAL TABLE LAMP 25" HEIGHT        10 #'s  $49.95            

  looks like a decorative sculpture.   The special design of shade delivers unique lighting effect. Size: 31 Inches High  Material: Polystone and rust free metal alloy  Color: Brown    8 # 's     $42.50


THRT-47827  Red Table Lamp 

  428752    Floral Design Surfboard Wooden Table Lamp

Add this  Metal Buffet lamp to your home interiors and see the difference it makes to the beauty of the  room.  The base is crafted in an antique pattern featuring a distressed finish. The shade has a in unique pattern with a sleek rope tied at the Centre.  $54.10

427072   TABLE LAMP 28"H

427025 Buffet Table Lamp 32" Ht W Shade

More Lamps Coming

Beautiful designer glass lamp with simple sophisticated design. There is beautiful translucent glass holder hanging from a chrome silver metal chain. This ceiling lamp  is easy to install   $59.12

T44934 Polystyrene Metal Buffet Lamp 31"h

Elegant and versatile this Metal Buffet Lamp will give a different look to your home decor.  The base is crafted in an antique pattern featuring distressed finish. The maroon colored shade has a unique band pattern at the Centre.   $54.10

Looking for a lamp that with a sense of distinction? Want a table lamp with a blend of vintage and traditional. look no further because this Ball Buffet Lamp has got the qualities to impress. With a base artistically crafted and the shade featuring foliage design this lamp would be the centerpiece.   $62.00

 460716    Excellent Glass Lamp with Bulb

This classy lamp will offer an industrial touch wherever placed. The round base facilitates in keeping it on any surface. You can also keep it on the desk at your work place or on any side table in the living room and bedroom.   $36.50

​​​495644  Tall Black N Gold Table Lamp 29" With Shade

T44935  Polystyrene Metal Buffet Lamp 31"h

Contemporary Black White Table Lamps With Shades. Lamp IS 27 inches tall and shade size is 11 inches. Table lamp is made from metal and  the shade is Fabric. Switch used is E27 3- Way Max ,60 watt light bulb recommended. Light bulb not included.   $52.00  OUT OF STOCK


AETD-EN110348   Blue Ceramic Lamp

T44933  Metal Glass Ball Buffet Lamp 35"h

Tall Black N Gold Table Lamp 29" With Shade. Lamps are 29 inches tall and shade size is  12 inches. Table lamps are made from poly resin material.Switch used is E27 3- Way Max ,60 watt light bulb recomended. Light bulb not included.    8 #'s   $72.00

 895797 Metal Table Lamp Perfect  for Kid's Bedroom

Maybe you just need a Table Lamp for an end Table or maybe a floor lamp for that too dark corner, That kids Desk ?  Oh you are remodeling the whole house Great, we can help there too. Tell us what you need and if it is not in our store, we will find it for you and bring it into this store. Tell us how we can help YOU

Uniquely designed wood table lamp comes with a snow white colored shade that diffuses the light and gives the room a soothing, serene ambience. The surfboard has a Hawaiian floral design against a sunset orange background. The table lamp rests of a solid base that provides ultimate stability and comes with a power cord, an On/Off switch and requires a 40 Watt bulb. 5 " W x 5 " D x 25 " H  14"W x 9"D x 9" H    $58.46

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