This kitchen wall clock will add life to your kitchen. Made of metal. This wall clock features a unique frame which features the combination of table serving spoons and forks. The clock is in the center in circle with black numerals. In a chrome silver finish it will make the wall it is  on the center of attraction.    $24.50

TETD-EN110315  Vintage Themed Designed Metal Wall Clock

Multicolored Round Table Clock    Height 10 Length 6.25 Width 2       $23.50

553319  Metal Wall Clock 28"W 18"H

 This wood clock  will add a charm to your home. Made out of MDF wood in shades of multicolor it will fit well with any decor.  Measures: 23.6x23.6x1.9 inch Made out of MDF wood In shades of multicolor   $72.00

41566-71915   ​Round Multicolored Wall Clock

4141-70771   ​Square Bird/Floral Wall Clock

442557 Metal Rope Clock

Square Bird/Floral Wall Clock  Length 11 Width2 Height 11  $28.75

466980  Metal Acrylic Wall Clock 19"D

Dimension: 6 x 6 x 15 inch Material: Iron and Hemp Rope Color: Black, Golden Finish: Matte and Distressed Hollow Dial Large in size   Made from quality material   $32.95

442459  Wood Leather Aluminum Table Clock

Small Bird/Butterfly Table Clock with Stand   Height 6  Length    6  Width    1.50    $16.95

Bring rustic appeal  to your home with this lovely rustic wall clock. The round shaped wall clock is created from metal with the numbers in bold and in different hues. These numbers are put in circle designs with a rustic appeal to it. With the minute and hour needles in black, the dial has a design pattern in metal that adds to its uniqueness and style. 23.6x2.1x23.6 inch    $86.10

454726 Creative Metal Table Clock Copper

 452557 Metal Rope Glass Wall Clock

 Add a creative touch to your living space with this Metal Table Clock.Made from quality materials this clock has a circular stand which keeps it steady. The uniquely made bulb shape makes this table clock stand out.   $38.95

440688  Metal Table Clock 5"W 6"H

442462  Wood Aluminum Rope Table Clock

41188-84115  ​Happy Hour Clock

 Standing gracefully, this clock features a copper finish and a unique design. This is an octagonal shape clock with round dial at the center. Numerals, hours and second needle in black accentuate the look of the clock.                               Octagon design 8 x 8 x 7 inch  $37.75

This wall clock has a traditional style that blends well  home interiors. The dial is cream color with thick dark brown color borders. Clock has a vintage design that will give your home interior classic touch.   $22.00

White Distressed '1985' Wall Clock Length 11 Width 1 Height 11  $18.75

Measures: 23.6x23.6x1.7 inch
 Made from metal, this lovely wall clock features a round frame with numbers displayed in little square boxes with rusted appeal adding to its vintage appeal. The hour and minute needles in black give sit a very different look. 

ST-PWC24246115     Worn Face Paris Wall Clock with Roman Numerals

41566-71920     Old Town Clocks Wall Clock

   Classic design Oversized 30-inch Black Wall Clock with Roman Numerals. Clock features a Roman numeral face, see through sculpted design, and a black powder coated finish. Oversized 30-inch Black Wall Clock with Roman Numerals. Battery Type (1) AA (not included) 30W x 1.5D x 30H inches    $129.95     $10.00  Shipping

 Table clock is round  with silver rim and black shaded dial. The dial pad features time in numbers as well as roman.    $28.50

466984  Metal Acrylic Wall Clock 19"W 19"H

 Made from  quality metal. In a black and chrome silver metallic finish it will complement all types of decor. It has rectangular stones studded one ach stroke which lifts up its look. The clock is at the center in a round shape and features numerals in black   $38.00

One look will take you back to your coastal vacations. This table clock will be a stunning addition in your home. Made with quality materials  it requires is a 1 AA battery. The clock is inside an anchor shaped figurine in chrome silver which is rested on a flat wooden base. It has a rope side handle which helps to carry it.    Aluminum, PVC & Wood 12x4x12 inch.   $52.00

5x5x9 inch: Metal, PVC, Wood & Leather
Color: Chrome Silver Finish: Metallic & Matte Suits all home interiors
Easy to maintain    


Happy Hour Clock                                   Length 7 Width 1 Height 5   $24.50

This clock has a key shaped structure with the clock hanging from it through a metallic chain. The clock is in round shape with the numerical in bold black. 28"W 18"H   $45.18

TCOBWC6435   Oversized 30-inch Black Wall Clock with Roman Numerals

 This retro clock features a 1930's style Coca-Cola design and the high gloss chrome molded case adds a brilliant shine.
Full-color logo on the clock dial. Licensed Coke product Wall hanging mount.Requires one (1) AA battery (not included)  11.75 inches in diameter x 1.2 inches diam.  

453316  Metal Table Clock 9"W 17"H

Round Multicolored Wall Clock Height 13 Length 13 Width 2   $17.75

This wall clock has a vintage appeal, with old school features . The white faded dial, classic black colored roman numbers and hands makes this clock an ideal addition for any antique themed home decor. Inspired by vintage clock design this clock is made from fine quality materials, all it needs is 1 AA battery.  Dimension: 12x3x21 inch. Material: Iron and Hemp Rope and Wood. Oval Shaped    $46.00        Out of Stock Due 9/20

440680  Metal Table Clock 5"W 5"H

Old Town Clocks Wall Clock Height 6 Length 6 Width 2      $15.95

 TC42555   Metal Rope Wall Clock 

41511-72158   ​White Distressed '1985' Wall Clock

 TETD-EN110310  Vintage Themed Metal Wall Clock

456654  Chic Wooden Wall Clock

Vintage themed Table Clock is round  with a sturdy base. This silver shade clock with glossy finish features a ring pattern at the top that gives vintage appeal. It has time displayed in Roman pattern on white background.    $24.95

This wall clock  will add that rustic touch to your wall. Well made  Featuring a brown metallic frame, clock has a white dial with roman numerals in black. The rope is well draped on the outside rim of the clock.  17x2x17 inch   Material: Iron   $49.95

This wall clock has a chrome silver metallic finish, the watch is circular in the center while its frame is unique and looks like the rays of sun with a cute flower at the top. Adorable in every manner, the clocks numerals are in black.    $42.00

Decorative wall clock that depicts Paris' historic tourist attraction, the Eiffel Tower. Distressed dial with roman numerals at every hour and black metal hands. Operates by a highly accurate quartz movement and one "AA" battery, not included.           0.9 x 14 x 14 inches;    $58.00

Clocks you will want in your home

Rooster Round Wall Clock                      Height    5.75 Length 5.75 Width    1.75    $16.50


Looking for vintage themed Clock for your home?  Then your search ends here.   The uniqueness of this clock is its ship wheel shaped crafted body attached to a sturdy base. This clock has numerical in black shade on white background.   $48.00

466985    Metal Kitchen Wall Clock 15"D

​​440684    Metal Wood Table Clock 9"W 15"H

TETD-EN21020  Striking Wood Clock 

41411-71377   Multicolored Round Table Clock

41566-71921  Rooster Round Wall Clock

 41930SCCWC1753  30s Style Chrome Coca-Cola Wall Clock

41366-70092  Small Bird/Butterfly Table Clock with Stand

 This round clock has a black colored finish which would highlight the look of any wall..It will blend well with a traditionally themed house.   $174.26