​SG3038     Enamel Tray

SGM3257   Enamelware Coffee Cup

SGD9060    Red Rim Enamel Stock Pot

This  Enamelware Mini Pitcher is a charming, vintage-styled accent for your shelf, table or mantle! White enamel-coated metal pitcher with a strap handle and lightly distressed black edges. 4-1/2" H x 4" in diameter     $19.01

 SG2057     Enamel Salad Plate

SG1020   Red Rim Enamel Coffee Pot

EGISM1103   Enamel Soap Dish

Red Rim Enamel Stock Pot is a white enamel pot with a vibrant red trim. Includes two convenient handles and a matching lid. Item is food safeand measures 5" high (6½" high with lid) by 7" in diameter.     $28.50

 This would make a lovely accent piece for country kitchens, this Enamel Colander is perfect as the base for a centerpiece, window display, or side table catch-all. Sturdy stamped metal colander with ear handles and a raised base, all coated in durable white enamel and accented with distressed black edge.   $27.95

This Enamelware is a clean and simple kitchen element for both vintage and primitive decor. Shallow round metal dish with a lacy punched out pattern, coated with durable white enamel and accented with distressed black edges. 2" H and 9-1/2" in diameter.    $22.15

SG2017LMS    3/Set, Enamel Canisters

 EGSL22  Enamelware Toiletries Bowl

Enamel Tray is a white enamel serving tray with a vibrant red trim. food safe     and measures 10½" high by 14½" wide.    $24.35    

​​EGSL82  Popcorn Enamelware Bowl

SG9082     Red Rim Enamel Baking Dish

The Enamelware Carafe adds a classic touch to kitchen or bath. Metal carafe with distressed white enamel coating, and a provincial-styled "La Boutique De Fleurs" stencil on the side. 10" H with 5" diameter base, holds approximately 1-1/2 pints. 
Recommended for decor use only.   $34.00       

SGSL02L    Enamel Mug With Lid - 5"

EGSL19  Enamelware Spa Bowl

SG2053     Enamel Mixing Bowl

Enamel Soup Mug is a white enamel mug with a vibrant red trim. Item is food safeand measures 4" high by 4¼" wide.  $12.10   or Two Mugs for $18.95

 EGM3250  Enamelware Carafe 

Enamel Cereal Bowl is a white enamel bowl with a vibrant red trim. Item is food safe and measures 2¾" high by 5¼" in diameter.   $12.50  or Two  For  $18.50

Tin coffee cup with a white enamel coating and lightly distressed black edges, featuring a provincial-styled "Sense of Delight AROMATIC COFFEE" logo on the side.         4" H and 3" W.    $12.55

​​EGM3259  Enamelware Bread Plate 

 EGSL04   Enamelware soup plate

 Ok, gather up the toiletries scattered over your bathroom counter and store them in this enamelware Toiletries bowl. Bowl is 5" high and has a diameter of  10". Distressed finish.  $18.29   

 Vintage enamel reproduction of an old fashioned soap dish in retro green, add charm and character to your country home. It is wall-mountable or counter top ready and will hold a large bar of soap.   $18.25  

Great as a gift basket or a bath display! The Enamel Spa Bowl features a clean white enamel finish, lightly distressed black edges and rim, and stamped "SPA" along one side. 8" diameter with 5-1/2" base, 3-3/4" deep.   $17.95

​EGSL08  Enamelware Basin, 12"

SG2009   Enamel Soup Mug

Enamelware basin is white with blue and black around the edge and a distressed finish in various spots. Diameter of basin is 12-1/2 inches and depth is 4 inches. $22.50    

Red Rim Enamel Coffee Pot is a white enamel pot with a vibrant red trim. Includes a matching lid. Item is food safe and measures 7½" high by 8" wide.    $29.95

Store your decorative soaps in the Enamelware Soaps Bowl. It is 3" high x 6" in diameter and has black, distressed edges.    $12.50   

Enamelware soup plate with black on the rim and a distressed look in various spots. Soup Plate is 8 inches in diameter and approximately 1-1/8 inch deep. Can be used as a candle plate for pillar candles.  $11.95

Enamelware adds a vintage touch to kitchen and bath wares! White enamelware mug with distressed black edges, includes a matching lid. 5" x 5" and holds 38 fluid ounces.     $14.95  


Enamel Canisters are food safe containers that sell as a set of three. The small size measures 3" high by 3½" wide. The medium size measures 4" high by 4½" wide. The large size measures 4½" high by 5" wide.   $20.45

​​EGM3260 Enamelware Colander

Enamel Mixing Bowl is a white enamel bowl with a vibrant red trim.Item is food safe and measures 5½" high by 11" in diameter.     $24.65

​​SG2021     Enamel Cereal Bowl

SGSL32     Enamelware Soaps Bowl

Enamel Salad Plate is a white enamel plate with a vibrant red trim. Item is food safe and measures 8" in diameter.   $12 95    or  Two for  $18.95

SGM5709   Enamelware Mini Pitcher

White enamelware mixing bowl has the wordPOPCORN in black letters on the side. It is 4-3/4" tall and 9-3/4" in diameter with distressed black touches on the edge and throughout. 4 Quart bowl.  $21.50   OUT OF STOCK

Red Rim Enamel Baking Dish is a white enamel dish with a vibrant red trim. Item is food safe and measures 10¼" long by 7¾" wide and 2" deep.     $24.10