As You May Know,we are an online only store and all of our over 34  vendors ship from their location.We want to keep your shipping costs a low as we can. Today,shippers are charging based on the size,not as much as by the weight.Most vendors use one method of shipping for most of their orders,when that is the case ,we have to use that company's rates. When a vendor uses U.P. S. we have to charge our customers at the 1 # rate even on small items. Most of our Jewelry comes from a company that charges us $8.48 per order,we do not think you want or should pay that much for,say a pair of Earrings ,we start our shipping costs to you at $6.16 and eat the rest.We WILL NOT charge you a higher price that includes the cost of shipping and then offer "FREE" shipping. In almost all cases we  charge you less than our cost,because we know ,if you like the product ,but the shipping is too high,we both lose.Your Cart ,may at check out ,sometimes say .Two day priority or something like that,however that is only the method used by us to offer you a lower cost. During  The Holidays if you need last minute shipping ,please call or contact our store.   Thank you ,Terry

Our Shipping Rates