Stuffed Burlap Owl has fall leaf wings along with yellow burlap and button accents. It is 9" high by 7" wide.   $36.45

SG90044     Witch Hazel

SG90007    Standing Hope Doll

 SGNS126    Jethro Bunny

Helga Witch wears a black and yellow gingham jacket with orange detailing. She has a large button accent along with a broom and tattered hat. It is 16" tall sitting, 26" tall when upright.   $44.56    OUT OF STOCK

The Number 1 Pig doll is made of worn fabric with painted stripes in red, white, and blue. It reads "No. 1," stands on metal legs, and has a curly tail and button eyes. It stands 7½" tall and is 11" wide.    $34.00

TG90223  Ginger Gingerbread

SGTDA64804    Burlap Overall Bunny

Jenna Doll wears a fabric dress accented with patches and a white collar. She has yarn hair, carries a basket, and sits 18" tall with a weighted bottom.     $38.25

Frog Critter is an adorable weighted frog doll that features hand-painted details and the phrase "Kiss Me" painted on its belly. Measures 7" high by 4" wide.     $28.50

Herb Bunny is made of antiqued fabric and sits inside a burlap bag with the word "Herb" stitched on fabric. The bunny wears a plaid scarf and holds a fabric carrot. It is 20" high.   $34.60   OUT OF STOCK

SGCS36618    Miss Jackie Doll

 SGCS36627     Bruce Doll

SG90015     Faith Snowman Doll

SGCS36979    Felix Bunny

Milk Maid Doll is a cute, country doll. She wears denim overalls, a white t-shirt, and a red bandana over her brown pigtails. She also holds a metal milk bucket in her hands. Measures 16" high (9" high when seated).    $42.95   OUT OF STOCK

Vickie Doll is a cute country doll with brown yarn pigtails and black bead eyes. She wears a tea-stained dress with a ruffled bottom and has black, painted shoes. She holds a woven bonnet in her hands that is accented with flowers and a blue bow. Measures 13" high (8" high when seated).     $38.15

 Miss Jackie Doll has a stuffed pumpkin head and wears tan and gingham clothing. It is 26" high and features a primitive name tag.      $38.95  OUT OF STOCK

This weathered wood bench features chicken wire backing. It is 19" high x 16-1/2" wide and 8-3/4" deep.     $37.25

Faith Snowman Doll features a headband made of greenery and red pips, red gingham dress with green buttons, and a hand full of greenery, tin stars, and pips. A kraft paper tag reading "Faith" is attached with a black felt bow. The doll measures 9" tall.      $34.50

​​SG90103     Jenna Doll

Burlap Overall Bunny wears tan overalls and a floral shirt, and also holds a stuffed carrot. He has poseable ears and stands 24" tall.      $34.00

SGLH38    Bea Bunny

sgjp01   Number 1 Pig  

TG90219    Chevron Elf Doll

Bea Bunny is a primitive bunny made of stuffed cream fabric. It holds a carrot and features a plaid scarf and flat orange nose. Measures 9" high.    $25.40

SGCS36629     Angie w/Cat Doll

I'm Sorry Mouse   wears a fabric scarf pinned with a name tag, and carries flowers. He stands 6" tall.    $26.15

TG90401  Milk Maid Doll

 SGCS36589     Ben Bee

Bruce Doll is wearing a primitive, striped outfit, and holds a stick with a smaller version of himself attached. Measures 24" high.     $37.10  OUT OF STOCK

Witch Hazel has a mischievous grin and is wearing an orange striped dress with a pointy black hat. She is 24" high    $38.95   OUT OF STOCK

TG90233    Vickie Doll

SGCS36631    Christy Bag Holder

Garden Mouse wears a fabric dress with lace accents on a sash. She carries flowers and a straw hat, and stands 7-1/2" tall.     $33.75

Felix Bunny is a felt bunny wearing a straw headband and a pair of green and tan overalls. He has a fabric carrot around his neck and a vine wreath in his hand. His ears are wired and poseable, and his feet are weighted which allows him to stand upright. Measures 16" high.    $38.95

SGJHA1261      Wood Bench

 TG90218   Vintage Benny Snowman

Standing Hope Doll is poised atop a wooden stand and wears a colorful patchwork dress and bonnet. She has brown yarn hair and holds a white flower and stuffed mouse with vine accent. She features a kraft paper tag that reads "Hope" and is 18" tall.     $58.95

SG90106    I'm Sorry Mouse

SG90013      Snowman Doll

Made of stiff fabric dusted with cinnamon, the Primitive Sheep Doll features real green foliage inside a tweed pocket, curly wire tail, craft paper tag that reads "Primitive," and a cheesecloth and rusty bell accent around its neck. The sheep stands on four rusty metal legs and measures 7" high by 7" wide.    $33.55

Vintage Benny Snowman is a soft, fluffy snowman doll. He wears a slate gray hat and scarf, each dusted with a coating of glitter snow. Benny is also accented with silver tinsel and navy button details. Includes a fabric string hanger. Measures 13½" high by 8" wide (13" wide with arms extended).    $37.95

Christy Bag Holder wears a gingham dress and burlap apron with red yarn hair. Measures 24" high and holds plastic bags.    $32.00

 SGTDA54205   Burlap Bunny 15" 

Jethro Bunny is made of antiqued fabric and wears dark overalls with a plaid scarf. He has poseable ears and measures 28" high.     $33.95    OUT OF STOCK

Our  Dolls Teddybears and Chairs  Was Too popular For one page , so here is Page 2

SG90105       Garden Mouse

 Stuffed Burlap Bunny has bendable ears for easy posing. It has raffia and bell accents, and a weighted bottom. Bunny measures 15" tall.  $27.95     OUT OF STOCK

Dolls-Bears and Chairs 2  

SGNS125   Herb Bunny

Buzz, buzz, buzz! Do you hear the cutie, Ben Bee? He is ready for spring and made from dark stuffed fabric and wears a cheesecloth scarf with a bell accent. He has wings made from black mesh and measures 6" high     $22.00

Tim Cat is a fabric cat with hand-painted stripes. He has bead eyes and a name tag attached with a safety pin. Measures 4¾" high.    $17.95

April Doll wears a floral dress and carries a stuffed plaid heart with lace accent. She has brown yarn hair and measures 17½" high.    $29.60    OUT OF STOCK

SGCS36987     Tim Cat

SG90023   Jackson Doll on Spindle

 SG90057     Stuffed Burlap Owl

Angie with Cat Doll wears an antiqued, striped dress and holds a stuffed cat with plaid fabric and button accents. She has red yarn hair with ribbons and measures 22" tall.  $34.95

Ginger Gingerbread is a plush fabric gingerbread doll. She is accented with a tulle and jingle bell bow, a red pom pom nose, jingle bell buttons, and a primitive heart patch. She also wears a name tag. Includes a fabric string hanger. Measures 11½" high by 6" wide (15" wide with arms extended).   $36.95

SG90024    Helga Witch

This adorable Snowman Doll adds a cozy look to your winter decor. Made from fabric, the stuffed snowman wears a knitted hat and sweater with black buttons on the front. He has stitched facial features, a stick nose, cheesecloth scarf, and measures 9" tall. The perfect companion for the Faith Snowman Doll, she is also on this page.    $34.50

Jackson Doll on Spindle is a stuffed scarecrow head with a burlap hat, raffia accents, and a happy sunflower. It is attached to a standing spindle and measures 18" tall.    $38.00    OUT OF STOCK

SGCS36609     April Doll

Chevron Elf Doll is a muslin fabric elf doll. He wears a chevron striped shirt and wired hat with jingle bell accents, and his trousers and boots are painted on. He also wears an "Elf" name tag. Includes a fabric string hanger. Measures 16½" high (with hat fully extended) by 7" wide.     $39.75 

 SG90001    Primitive Sheep Doll

TG90153   Frog Critter