SG90012     Christmas Annie Doll

The Bridget Doll is a primitive doll made of soft fabric, and wearing a tea-dyed muslin dress, kerchief on her head, and a red sash around her waist. Measures 10" tall.    $26.50

SGK011   Black Wooden Stool

Wearing a felt Santa suit with rusty bell accents, Christmas Annie is holding greenery with a pipe cleaner candy cane and red berries. She has a shock of red hair with gingham ribbons in it and stands 22" tall.        $42.55.

Robert E. Bear is a primitive stuffed bear with a cheesecloth scarf and felt satchel, accompanied by a black crow. He is 17" tall.  $32.95

Addy and Crow Doll wears a tweed jacket with an olive green dress, and features a shock of red hair and a decorative crow strung around her neck with jute string. Addy has a weighted bottom for easy sitting and is 22" tall.      $42.00

SGCS36582    Kitty Ann Doll

SG90003        Shepherd Boy Doll

SG90031   Theodore Elf

SG90026     Cecil   Scarecrow

Grace Doll wears a red plaid dress with lace and button accent at the neck and holds an antiqued sheep with a rusty bell accent. She has brown yarn hair, rosy cheeks, and measures 20½" tall.      $34.50

Kitty Ann Doll wears an antique fabric dress with lace accents and a jute belt, and carries an antique stuffed cat. She has red yarn hair, a worn name tag, and measures 17" high.      $34.00

Dolly and Her Toys is a primitive doll featuring brown yarn pig tails and wearing a floral dress with tan socks. Dolly carries a wooden giraffe and measures 22" tall.   $40.00

This Black Doll Chair is the perfect spot to display your dolls and other collectibles. It is handmade in U.S.A.. The wood is painted black and heavily distressed to fit right in with your collections. There are vinyl feet on the legs to protect furniture. 17-1/2" high x 9-1/2" wide.   $32.00   OUT OF STOCK

Alice Doll wears a brown gingham dress and holds a burlap bag of herbs as well as several sunflower stakes. She has black yarn hair and measures 17½" tall.       $36.00

Millie Doll wears a floral dress and carries several stuffed flowers made of plaid and floral material. She has red yarn hair, an antique name tag, and measures 23½" high.   $36.50    

SGPG126    Bridget Doll

Baby Bug Doll wears a plaid dress with a lace accent and a bonnet. She holds a small lady bug doll of her own and sits 17" tall on a weighted bottom.  $38.95

Brooklyn Bear is a classic collector teddy bear. She is wearing a natural muslin dress with frayed hemline and silver buttons. She has detailed stitching and poseable arms and legs. Sitting, she measures 10.5" tall. Her face is shaded and features black beads for eyes, and a stitched thread nose. Her name tag is attached with a rusty pin and an antiqued gauze bow completes the adorable look of this teddy bear.     $43.50

SG33516   Doll Folding Chair

SG90005      Dolly and Her Toys

Holly Doll wears a plaid dress with lace details, and a matching bow in her yarn hair. She carries a small doll of her own, and is 20" tall with a weighted bottom.      $39.95

Primitive  Dolls  

TGCDA3117    Penelope Doll

SGCS36581      Harrison Bunny 

TGCS36586      Dixie Bag Holder

SG90014     Frosty Snowman Doll

Made of natural wood, the Doll Folding Chair measures 16" high.   $34.50

Ada and Allie are muslin bunny dolls. Ada is wearing a straw hat, and she has a twig wreath in her hand. Allie is wearing a vintage floral dress with pink bow accents. Ada measures 17" long when stretched and 10" high when sitting. Allie measures 8½" long.     $42.00

SG90011       Santa Riding Bear

SGCS36795     Benson Bear

 SGD208    Lorraina Doll

SGXPR105879   ​Macy Doll

SG90047     Nurse Nancy

SGCS36617    Alice Herb Doll

SGE15265     ​Brooklyn Bear

Theodore Elf is dressed in festive Christmas garb that features rusty jingle bell buttons and a red Santa hat. He holds a twig wreath and measures 18" tall.           $42.50

Ruth Ann Doll wears a gingham dress with floral trim, as well as a cardigan and plaid scarf. She has red yarn hair, a vintage tag, and measures 26" high.        $34.95

Haddie Doll wears a plaid jacket with brown corduroy and flower accents, green pants, brown boots, and a brown corduroy hat with an orange flower. She features red yarn hair and measures 24" tall.    $54.00

Little Miss Liberty Doll will help show true patriotism this season! It comes complete with sash and a flag on a small stick. It stands 8" tall.     $23.95

Benson Bear wears red overalls and is 20" tall.   $38.00

SGNS127       ​Uncle Sam Doll

Harrison Bunny has a burlap pocket full of fabric carrots and a plaid scarf around his neck. He has rosy cheeks, floppy ears, and stands 10" tall.      $34.45

Brantley Bear wears a fashionable red coat with a muslin pocket square. He sits 15" high.     $32.50  

Off to the North Pole! Santa Riding Bear features a stuffed Santa Claus with a fuzzy beard, sack of toys, and greenery on his back. He is riding a black bear that stands atop a wooden block. The piece measures 12" tall.    $38.95

SGCS36615        Bradley Bunny

Frosty Snowman wears a red gingham scarf and a black top hat with gingham, greenery, and rusty bell accents. It has an orange stick nose, pipe cleaner candy cane, and "Frosty" kraft paper tag. Measures 9" tall   $28.95

SGCS36798      ​Brantley Bear

SGCS36610   ​Millie Doll

SG90102  Baby Bug Doll 

Barrett Bear is a stuffed bear. He has stitched details and shiny black bead eyes. He wears an antiqued looking button shirt and teastained name tag. Measures 10-1/2" tall while sitting. Not intended as a toy; for decorative purposes.   $42.00  OUT OF STOCK

SG90101     Holly Doll

TGCS36797     Patches Bear

SGCS36614     Ella Doll

SG90006      Haddie Doll

Ella Doll wears a gingham dress with lace accent and carries a little stuffed pig. She has black yarn hair with gingham ribbons and measures 17½" tall.     $35.45

Mr. Green Jeans Bear wears a corduroy shirt and green overalls. He has a weighted bottom and measures 18½" high.   $38.95

SGCS36411     Robert E. Bear

Carrying a primitive sheep doll, the Shepherd Boy Doll wears olive green overalls and has a shock of brown yarn hair. He stands 16" tall.     $45.00

SGKC82     Primitive Doll Chair

Cecil Scarecrow has raffia and burlap accents and holds a stuffed crow inside a burlap sack. Measures 26" tall.      $42.50

 Lorraina Doll is a truly primitive design. She has a rustic mustard and cream colored dress and a jute belt. Her bonnet is made of cotton fabric and tied on with jute. The doll has a weighted bottom to stand for  easy display on  window or shelf.       $24.00

SGCS36796      Mr. Green Jeans Bear

SGCS36613      ​Grace Doll

Macy Doll wears a red gingham dress and bow and holds a small sock monkey doll. She has brown yarn hair and is 23½" tall.    $32.00

Uncle Sam Doll wears patriotic painted clothing and top hat adorned with stars and stripes. He holds an American flag, bundle of twigs, and rusty star, and measures 34" tall.       $32.50   OUT OF STOCK

Bradley Bunny is wearing denim pants and a plaid shirt and carries a burlap bag full of carrots. It has an antique tag and measures 26" high.      $34.50

SGCS36977     Ada & Allie Bunnies

 SGCS36988      Thomas Cat

SG90002   Liberty Annie Doll

SGCS36616      ​Ruth Ann Doll

SGE15270     Barrett Bear

Nurse Nancy wears a gauzy white dress with red crosses and has brown yarn hair. She is 20" tall and carries a piece of white fabric.     $31.50   OUT OF STOCK

Dixie Bag Holder wears a gingham dress with lace accents and brown yarn hair. Measures 23" high and   holds plastic bags.    $32.00

Liberty Annie Doll features red yarn hair, a worn American flag with moss accent, and a blue and cream striped dress with a "Liberty" kraft paper tag. She stands 21" tall.    $36.35

Patches Bear has green and plaid patches sewn to his body and also wears a brown gingham scarf. He measures 11½" high.    $32.50

SGLH17     Little Miss Liberty Doll

Penelope is a stuffed and antiqued fabric doll with button eyes, rosy painted cheeks, and burgundy yarn hair. She wears a gingham shirt and homespun plaid jumper. Measures 17-3/4" high.   $36.00

Thomas Cat is an orange fabric cat with hand-painted brown stripes. He has button eyes and wired jingle bell collar. The bottom of the doll is weighed, which allows it to stand upright at all times. Measures 12½" high.     $27.50

This is a primitive wood stool that has been painted black and distressed. It measures 5.5"H X 6.5"W X 12"L and is the perfect display spot for any of your favorite antique dolls or figures.   $24.95

SG90004    Addy & Crow Doll