11"W x 5¾"D x 23½"T.  Hang your towels on this useful rack in the bathroom or the kitchen. Accessories are not included.  $26.00

Wire Holder with Hooks and Basket is a white metal organizer rack with three storage areas. It has two sets of hooks that can be used to hold towels or hang small items. The bottom of the holder has a basket compartment that can be used to store and display your essential items. It has two openings at the top for easy hanging, or it can also be hung through the metal loop at the top of the holder. Item measures 7" wide by 24" high.     $48.95

CW400046  Dutch Round Wall Mirror

Emulates vines growing against a wall.   This wrought iron towel rack holds five bath towels. Hangs 39" down 7" wide and 6" deep. Towels are not included.  $48.00

This caddy includes two Hoosier dispensers, reading "Soap" and "Lotion." Dispensers measure 3" dia, 7¾"T including pump. Caddy measures 7" wide, 4" deep and 2½" tall. Caddy features a brass tag on one side that reads "Soap and Lotion"    $44.50             

Bird on a Branch Wall Mirror 17"W x 19½"T. Hangs from a keyhole hanger on the back.  $42.00     LAST CHANCE

CW820603 Small Adirondack Towel Rack - Charcoal

CW365159 Mason Jar Bathroom Caddy with Mason Jars and Tissue Box Cover

Emulates vines growing against a wall. This wrought iron towel rack holds five bath towels. Hangs 27" down 7" wide and 6" deep. Towels are not included.  $33.95     

CW811137T   Olive Bucket Toilet Paper Holder

CW450045  Bird on a Branch Wall Mirror

8½"W x 5"D x 12"T.  Use this two-tier metal stand on a vanity or in a kitchen. Accessories are not included    $24.50

Yes you CAN have a Charming Bathroom. Just add some of these Charming Products to YOUR Home

 Bathroom Caddy with Mason Jars and Tissue Box Cover 12”W x 5”D x 8”T with jars   $42.95

4½" wide and 6½" tall including pump. Add a country touch to the kitchen or bathroom with this popular soap dispenser. Clear glass with a black lid.  $16.25

4" wide and 6" tall including pump. Reproduced from an antique in clear glass. The jar reads "The Nut House. Nuts of Quality." The back of the jar reads "This jar loaned property. United States Nut Co. New York; NY."  $17.95

11½" x 5" x 14". Mounts with two holes on the back. The towel bar unscrews from one side to replace rolls of toilet paper. Use the bar for toilet paper or hang a hand towel.
Shipping around 5/2   $32.00

BG33599    Hot Bath Slat Sign

Bathroom  Charm

Hot Bath Slat Sign is printed with a vintage advertisement on ivory painted wooden slats with lightly distressed edges.    $32.50

CW370220  Hoosier Soap and Lotion Caddy with Glass Dispensers

3¾" dia. and 9¾" tall. Great for larger bottles of lotion or dish washing soap, this bottle will hold one quart of liquid.  $16.95  LAST CHANCE

3" dia, 7¾"T. One of our most popular soap dispensers. This jar reads: Soap. Clear glass. Features a black pumper and barn roof lid.  $16.95  LAST CHANCE

CW820602 Large Adirondack Towel Rack - Charcoal

7½" x 3" x 10". Includes a mesh front and a towel rack on the front. Mounts with two sawtooth hangers. Shipping around 5/2.  $19.95

CW770024    Dalton Wall Box with Towel Bar

CW400070  Songbird Tabletop Mirror

TG65032    Bath Towel Rack & Basket

  CW770014 - Nameplate Bathroom Caddy

7"W x 5½"D x 9"T.  Holds two rolls of toilet paper at a time. One roll is on a wooden dowel while an extra roll is tucked out of sight. Stands upright or mounts easily from the back, and the screw holes are hidden by the roll of toilet paper. The wooden dowel is removable for easy toilet paper refill. Toilet paper not included.    $22.75

Songbird Tabletop Mirror 10"W x 14½"T. $34.95  LAST CHANCE

CW420033   Spigot Soap and Towel Holder

CW360098D  Sellers Soap Dispenser 

CW360058D Nut House Soap Dispenser

CW360067DGA Hoosier Soap Dispenser - Barn Roof

CW810279    Two-Tier Metal Tray

Dutch Round Wall Mirror 22" dia. x 5"D. Mirror is 16" diameter.  $76.00

CW360095DT Quart Mason Jar Soap Dispenser - Barn Roof Lid