Made of aged, rusty metal, the Christmas Tree Tin Lantern is painted green with red cutout Christmas trees on the sides. It measures 12" high by 5" wide.   $62.30    SALE   $37.95

Measures 6¼" x 10¾". Glass is included. Shown with a 2" dia. candle, not included.     $35.50

10¼" x 21". Use the switch on the bottom of the lantern to illuminate the bright, long-lasting LED lights inside the glass chimney. Requires two AA batteries, not included.    $54.00

Tcd  G40433   Birdcage Lantern

CW550009  Steeple Lantern

Tcd G44144  Square Top Fire Glow Lantern

This Hanging Nook Lantern is a rustic reproduction lantern with lots of country charm! Distressed black metal lantern with a circular wire frame handle and a removable flat shade. It features a built-in grungy wax LED taper. The lantern measures 11-1/2" H x 8" W, and requires 3 AA batteries (not included).  $37.00

Tcd  G4068MAB   Rustic Tin Lantern

Black Metal Lantern is lightly distressed and features a grungy LED taper candle that can be switched on or switched to timer mode. The lantern is 12" high.    $44.55   OUT OF STOCK

This lantern measures 13¾" long, 7¾" deep and 20½" tall to top of handle. Light green finish is chipped to show grey underneath. Shown with 3" dia. candles, not included. Features a door to replace your candles, that closes with a latch.      $68.00  VERY LOW STOCK

​Tcd  CW550019   Sepia Candle Lantern with Chimney

CW400003   Keystone Lantern

This big lamp measures 2 feet tall! 9½" dia. and 24" tall. Requires a standard size light bulb, not included.    $86.00

TCDG60013   Christmas Tree Tin Lantern

Made of distressed, sturdy black metal, the Railroad Lantern features a wire cage that holds a round pillar candle. The lid opens and has a long metal handle. The lantern is 15" high by 7" wide.    $42.50                   OUT OF STOCK

TCD  GK1519S   Smoky Black Baker's Lantern

​Tcd CW550035  Angel Tears Steeple Lantern 

EG46307  Hanging Nook Lantern

Tcd  GMB2084A  Black Metal Lantern

Black Metal Lantern features glass panels, an open/close door for candle insertion, and rusty paint and gold glitter detailing. It has a 2" sturdy black handle and measures 13¾" high by 5½" wide.   $51.00

 Tcd  G60059   Blue Iron Lantern

TCDG46328    Rustic Black Lantern

EGMB1237  Railroad Lantern

CW814435  Small Half-Round Lantern with Punched Star

Blue Iron Lantern features a lantern with a dark blue finish and a glass interior. It has a latch on the top for access to the inside and can fit a full pillar candle inside. It measures 16" high by 6½" in diameter.   $58.95         SALE  $43.34

6" wide and 14½" tall. deep. Replace the light bulb by lifting out the glass pane in the front the lantern. Light bulbs are sold separately. Electrical items have a small on/off switch on cord.   $32.75

FireGlow Lantern is a modern lighting element that will suit any room. Lantern has a black plastic frame with a built-in loop for hanging, and it houses an LED light inside with a realistic, glowing effect. Lantern is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and includes a 5 hour timer feature. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Measures 10" high by 4⅛" square.    $38.00

7" wide and 17" tall to top of ring. This large lantern features a mirror inside the back of the lantern. Its size makes it perfect for enclosed porches and sun rooms. Not intended for outdoor use. Light bulbs are not included.    $48.00

This large lantern measures 10¼" wide at the widest part of the arms and 21" tall to the top of the handle. Base is 7¾" dia. and has a 5" dia. ring on the base for your candle. Has a textured dark grey finish. Shown with a 3" by 6" candle. Includes a glass chimney that measures about 7" wide and 11" tall. Candle is not included.  $42.00

Tcd  G44149   Fire Glow Lantern

This is a  traditional-style, rustic lantern. Reproduction tin railroad lantern in distressed rust finish with glass chimney, houses a fabric wick. Medium sized lantern measures 9” tall.    $37.45

Baker's Lantern is made of shimmery black tin and features ornate punched designs, a pillar holder inside, and a latched door. It has a loop handle and measures 13½" high by 5" at the base.    $36.00

The Birdcage Lantern is a beautiful provincial-style lighting accent, perfect for shabby chic and primitive cottage homes! White-washed and distressed wire birdcage with filigree cutout details. It includes an ivory 5-1/2" x 3" LED pillar in the center. The hinged top opens so you can add your own florals or other decor to create a unique centerpiece or table lamp. Optional built-in timer feature keeps the pillar steady-burning, or on for 5 hours/off for 19, relighting at the time it was set. 15-1/2" H x 7" x 7". 
Indoor/Outdoor. Recommend use on covered porches and patios. Do not submerge, keep out of rainy conditions.    $52.00

Square Top FireGlowLantern is a modern lighting element that will suit any room. Lantern has a black metal frame, plastic side panels, and holds an LED light inside with a realistic, glowing effect. Lantern is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and includes a built-in, 5 hour timer feature. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Measures 7" high (9½" high with handle), by 4" square.    $36.00

​​CW817460   Large Milk House Lantern - Rustic Brown

Olde Country Charm Lanterns

​Tcd  ​​CW814447   Large Paul Revere Lamp - Punched Star - Rustic Brown