Can the jars be refilled?
While high quality candle glass is used in the designs, the burning of a candle does heat up the glass sufficiently that 
they should not be refilled.  Because the gel is food safe mineral oil, once the candle has been burned completely, remove any remaining gel, the sand and shells and the wick and use the jar for storage of items in your kitchen, or if they are drink glasses,  use them for your favorite beverage.

Does the gel go away?
When you are burning the candle, the gel become the fuel for the flame and will disappear like any other candle material.
If you are just using the candle as an air freshener by leaving the lid off, the gel material will not go away, but over an extended time, you will lose some of the fragrance ability.  If this happens, the best thing to do would be to burn the candle for a while to expose a new fresh layer of gel.  Just be aware that if you do have a layer of dust on top of the candle, you should try and remove as best as possible before lighting (see below).  Since Gel candles are fragrance throughout, you will again be able to fragrance your room.  

Do gel candles explode or catch fire?
 Gel candles are no more dangerous than any other candle product.  You do have a flame, but in the case of our gel candles, all of the products are container burned. Unlike wax pillars or tapers, you do not have an open stick of wax lit from the top that could melt out the side or lean and cause a fire. We are sure that you have all had a wax taper burn improperly and drip all over your table. 
Normal candle burning care should always be taken such as keeping away from pets and children who could bump them.  They should always be burned on a heat safe surface and never left unattended. All candles should not be burned for long periods without trimming and they should be kept out of drafts.

 Are the shells real?
Yes, all of the shells are real. That is part of what makes gel candles so unique. You will never see two that are exactly alike. There are always some variations in the size, shape and color of the shells and once you mix and match 25-30 varieties of shells, the combinations are endless. 

How do I clean if there is dust on top of my candles?
If you have an open gel candle and it has accumulated dust on top of it, wipe off what you can with a dry cloth. If you have access to a heat source like a heat gun, gently warm the surface of the gel so that a small layer starts to melt and pour off the dirty layer.  Once you have gotten the top surface off, you can stand the candle upright again and reheat a little bit to level out the gel surface again.

Is the fragrance throughout?
These gel candles are fragranced throughout all of the gel. The process used in these candles ensures that every candle is scented completely with high quality, gel candle specific fragrances for your burning enjoyment.

Please note that the wick sustainer(the metal piece at the bottom) is attached with hot clue. If you are finishing up a candle that does not have sand at the bottom, when you last extinguish the candle, using a butterknife or similar tool and push the sustainer from its center position.  This releases the glues hold due to the heat.  If you can't do this, simply clean out the gel, sand and shells before attempting to remove. If it does not come out easily, just add some cleaning solution like Windex and let it sit for a couple of days. This should allow the sustainer to be removed easily.

About Gel Candles

What are These gel candles made from?
These scented candles  are made using the only gel candle material that is patented in the United States.  It is a combination of food grade mineral oil and some other ingredients that allow the mineral oil to set up into a solid.
The feel of the gel, is much like touching a stiff jello.  Only quality fragrance oils  purchased direct from the manufacturer or a reputable supply house are used.  The scented candle oils have been tested to be safe in the gel candle material and provide a great burning, long lasting candle

Are these candles are made in the USA, and does that matter?
The Gel candles offered in our store are made in the USA, by one of the finest Gel Candle manufacturs in the business. We feel that Made in the USA is important for several reasons. First off, it is always a good thing to keep the money flowing to others within the US.  Secondly, is quality control. By buying products Made in the USA, you can be sure that the company producing it abides by fair trade and safety practices.

What happens to the items inside of the candle?
The items  inside of our candles are flame resistant.  The shells themselves will not burn and any other items are either glass or ceramic,  both of which are fire safe. 
As far as the process of burning, when the candle has burned down to the level of the shells or other items, the heat from the flame will cause the gel to melt away from the object and continue to feed the flame.  This allows you to get a long burn time from the candle and for it to burn down completely. 
You should stop burning with about ½” of gel material remaining in the jar so that the bottom of the jar does not get too hot.  Also, always remember to burn you candle on a heat safe surface, since the bottom may heat up as you are burning the candle.

What is the best way to trim a gel candle? there are several ways to trim the wick on a gel candle.  Unlike wax candles, the wick  has a small zinc core in the middle.  This is to provide rigidity to the wick so that it remains straight and aid in the burning of the gel.  Because of this, the wick does need to be trimmed.  There are commercial wick trimmers available.  If your candle has cooled, the wick trimmer allows you to rest the bottom directly on the gel and trim the wick to the proper ¼" height.  Additionally, scissors or nail clippers will work to reach into the jar and trim the wick.
Our procedure for trimming would be to either gently blow out the flame or use a small stirring stick to flood the wick with melted gel and to remove any particles that may be floating in the gel.  If you are going to relight it right away, you can trim to ¼” or less and relight.  If you are not going to relight, we recommend leaving the wick long until you go to relight it, then trim before lighting.

 Is there lead in the wick / What is the metal piece that is in the wick?
U.S. manufacturers voluntarily stopped using lead wicks in the early 70’s. Gel candles offered here do feature a small metal piece inside of the wick.  This is what is called a zinc core.     This is needed to help keep the wick straight as the candle is burning and to help the gel burn better.