SUPT-70921   Set Of Three Candle Stands

724121     Beautiful Metal Candle Holder Set Of 3

Pom-769252   Votive Holder Green

4 inch diameter Carmen pillar candle holder that is both functional and stylish. This pillar holder has a beautiful curly design wrapping the entire way around it. It will hold a pillar candle 4.5 inches in diameter or less. The 3 ball feet keep the base of the holder off the table surface protecting it from any heat damage.
Size: 5.375 in. diameter x 2.375 in
. tall Made of: metal        $18.00

Beautiful Honeywood  2 piece candle holder set. The set consists of one 15.5 inch and one 12.5 inch tall candlestick. They can be used for both taper and pillar candles. The hole in the top will fit a standard size taper candle.  The inset for holding pillar candles is 3 inches in diameter to you may have to shave a little bit of wax off around the base of our 3 inch pillar candles to have them fit correctly. The base of the holder is a 4 inch square with felt pads to protect table surfaces. The top square is 3.5 inches across. Size: 15.5 in. and 12.5 in. tall Made of: wood     $82.00

TCD  Hog Scraper - Adjustable

 Small Hog Scraper - Adjustable 4¾" wide and 7½" high. Candle holder is adjustable. Candles are not included.  $14.00

 Mission Style Votive Lantern Green A frame of curved metal bands fastened by iron rivets surround an  sage colored glass cup on this decorative candle holder. The glass cup can be lifted out and used separately. Use this holder with tea light or votive candles. Votive candles should be placed inside a votive cup before burning them in this lantern. 4.75 in. wide x 3 in. tall Inner Dimensions of Cup: 2.25 in. diameter x 2.75 in. tall Material: iron and glass  $18.00

 Modern Design  candle holder style that will  fit for any home. Attractive golden hue and glass design .. PRODUCT DIMENSION:
9.00 in.(L) X 9.00 in.(W) X 9.00 in.(H)  4 # 

7450038 Close Out  Bird on a Branch Candle Stand

TPom-616648  Charming Tejas Holder and Glass Cup

Beautiful set of 2 metal candle holder stands  each  with an opalescent glass shade in a blueish hue.  The large round plate at the top of the stands will hold a candle up to 5 1/4" in diameter. With the shade on, the pillar candle holders are limited to a candle 4 1/2" in diameter and a height of 4 3/4". The height of the stands without the glass shade are 7 3/4" and 11 1/2&quot . Add 4 1/8" in height with the shade .Small Size: 5 1/4 in. diameter x 11 7/8 in. tall Large Size: 5 1/4 in. diameter x 15 5/8 in. tall  Made of: metal and glass      $60.00

TPOM503528  Set of 2 Votive Holders

TCW-CPPDSL  Beautiful Pedestal / Gail Pittman

TGCP1000W     White Aged Candle Cup

Our glass cup and metal base 2 piece set makes a wonderful addition to a country style home. The rustic metal base has a curly cross attached to the front which create cool shadows on the wall. Its glass cup can be used separately but the metal base helps to protect table surfaces from heat damage. You can burn tea lights or votive candles in this candle holder.
Product Specs: Outer Size: 2.75 in. diameter x 3.5 in. tall Inner Dimensions of Cup: 2.25 in. diameter x 2.75 in. tall Material: iron and glass   

A turned wood taper holder with unique, grungy wax-and-paint finish, in an antiqued ivory. 2" tall, 1-1/4" diameter on top, 1-3/4 on the bottom. Holds one standard size wax or LED taper (not included). Handcrafted  in Ohio! U.S.A.  $15.95

This Gail Pittman pedestal works as a fantastic stand for our pie candles, candle warmers, pillar candles, and just about anything else. It has a beautiful debossed pattern on the top and a weathered finish on around the base. There is a 1.5 inch hole in the top to allow for an electrical cord to be dropped down through. The flat surface on the top is 7.5 inches in diameter. This elegant candle holder will look great in your home any time of year.   Product Specs: Wide sturdy base Beautiful glazed ceramic finish Hole in center for power cords   Size: 9 in. diameter x 4.5 in. tall    $46.00 

SBM118652   Christina Glass Candle Holder, Set Of 2

6"W x 5½"D x 10"T. Shown with a 2" diameter candle, not included.
Limited Quantity Available Once we sell out, we will not be ordering more.  $22.00  Close Out Price

SPOM439414     Ambia Candle Holders Set of 2

Turned wood taper holder with a unique, grungy wax-and-paint finish, in distressed black. 2" tall, 1-1/4" diameter on top, 1-3/4 on the bottom. Holds one standard size wax or LED taper (not included). Handcrafted here in Ohio!size wax or LED taper (not included).Handcrafted  in Ohio! U.S.A.  $15.95 

  Barn Star Pillar Holder With Glass Chimney - Rustic Brown  8" tall. 7½" diameter. 7" x 7" glass chimney. Shown with a 4" candle; candle is not included.  $34.00

Tcd  Pillar Candle Holder Set

Set Of Three Candle Stands. Made From  Quality Wood,  Durable And Long Lasting. 
5.00 in.(L) X 5.00 in.(W) X 13.50 in.(H)  FINISH: Matte   

For Those Special Candle Light Dinners ,or  just for their beauty.  In Three Sizes, These Holders Have A Very Cool Design.  When Not In Use And There They Will Add To The Beauty Of The Decor. 5.00 in.(L) X 5.00 in.(W) X 10.00 in.(H)     $46.00

TGCP1000B   Black Aged Candle Cup

Tcd2  Barn Star Pillar Holder 

SPOM620089  Carmen 4 Inch Pillar Candle Holder

Candle  Holders

Votive Holders Champagne  A set of 2 champagne Brandy candle holders to burn votives and tea lights in. The flickering candle light looks beautiful shining through crackled glass cups. The tall metal stands elevate the candles into the air allowing the light to be seen from anywhere in the room. Candles sold separately. Size: 3.8 in. diameter x 9.75 in. and 11.25 tall Made of: metal and glass set of 2      $22..00