CW370080T   Large Thompson's Baked Goods Rack 

Tcd CW370253W Garden Gate Salt Pepper and Napkin Caddy

CW460018  Dish Caddy

7¾" wide and 9½" tall. This useful caddy spins. Looks great with our other chicken wire accessories.   Silverware is not included.  $34.50

CW460016GR  Round Wire Caddy with Four Glasses - Green/Rust

CW360076   Hoosier Sugar Jar

Tcd   530146  Rooster Reed Egg Basket

Tcd  CW370077T  Mason Jar Two Tier Spice Rack

16" x 5½" x 7". The wheel spins on this unique caddy. Salt and pepper shakers and other accessories are not included  $29.50

Whitewash Canister with Lid   8" dia. x 9". Not guaranteed watertight.    $37.50

Grayson Caddy 10"W x 7"D x 16"T. This useful caddy would be at home in a kitchen or a craft room.    $37.95        

Chicken Wire Salt Pepper and Napkin Caddy - Barn Roof Measures 4" x 6".; Includes Mason jar salt, pepper, and toothpick caddy.   $29.95

6½" dia. and 13" tall. A pole in the center holds your paper towels while the towels feed through a slit in the side. To replace your paper towels, lift the lid and feed the paper towels out the slit in the side.            A great accent for any kitchen!                       Paper towels are not included.    $34.50

Add dishes, cups and plates. Use in any kitchen or dinning room to display your china. Measures 11½" long, 8¾" deep and 15"tall.   Dishes are not included.  $34.00

CW460094GR  Divided Cutlery Caddy 8¼" x 5½"

Hoosier Sugar Jar 4¼" wide and 9" high. $26.50

18"W x 10"D x 17"T. This rack reads:“Thompson's  Baked Goods"; "baked goods that taste like Mom's!"; and "from our kitchen to yours" on the base.        (This comes Assembled)    $71.00  VERY LOW STOCK

This caddy holds napkins with a salt and pepper shaker set. Mason jar logo printed on front for a decorative touch. Overall caddy measures 4½" deep, 6" high and 5¼" wide Glass Mason jar salt and pepper shakers are included   $23.95

Tcd  360077  Hoosier Flour Jar

TcdCute Mason Jar Crate Napkin and Salt and Pepper Caddy

CW811114T Chicken Wire Egg Basket

Farmhouse Napkin Caddy Measures 7½" x 7". Shown with 6½" napkins, not included.  $26.95

Tcd-360241  Mason Jar Fruit Fly Trap

13"L x 7"W x 11"T. Opens from the front with a clip.  Eggs are not included    $32.00

Tcd  CW811132T Chicken Wire Paper Towel Holder

11" dia. x 19". Glasses and accessories are not included.  $41.45

Tcd  770096   Oxford Dairy Farms Milk Can

Tcd  360075  Hoosier Coffee Jar

CW360077 Hoosier Flour Jar 4¼" wide and 10" high.   $31.50

Rooster Reed Egg Basket                                      16½" x 8" x 9".    $43.75

Large: 10" dia. x 10¾". Small: 7" dia. x 8½". Not guaranteed watertight. Handles fold for easy shipping and storage    $53.00

Tcd   CW530151   Set of Two White and Red Storage Tins with Handles

Tcd   770129   Charming  Tabletop Wheelbarrow Kitchen Caddy

Hoosier Tea Jar 4¼" wide and 7" high.    $24.75

8½"W x 6"D x 11¾"T.  This vintage-inspired caddy is designed to hold your K-Cups, and would also be useful for cups of creamer, tea bags, and other small items in your kitchen. Sit this next to your Keurig or coffee maker in your kitchen.  $42.50    OUT OF STOCK

CW550020   Dessert Cloche with Base

Large: 13" dia. x 14". Small:11" dia x 11." These nest for easy shipping and storage.   $52.00

Tcd   CW530100  Whitewash Canister with Lid

CW460015   Charming Rectangular Wire Caddy with Six Glasses

Tcd  530091  Unique Bottle Dryer Table top Caddy

Tcd  530152   Red Rooster Bucket Caddy

Tcd  760274T  Cute Mason's Jars Box Salt Pepper And Napkin Caddy

16½"W x 8"D x 12½"T. This stand is the perfect addition to your kitchen   $43.50

Store vegetables, fruits, or crafting supplies in this basket.                      16½"W x 8"D x 7"T    $38.00

Hoosier Coffee Jar 4¼" wide and 8" high.  $24.00

Oxford Dairy Farms Milk Can 10" x 8" x 14½". Not guaranteed watertight$39.49

Galvanized  This rectangular wire caddy comes with six 6 oz glasses. Carry the caddy easily to parties and picnics. This caddy measures 8½" long, 5½" deep and 6¾" tall including handle. Finished in a galvanized finish. Gardeners, this would also make a great rooting rack.   $27.50

Clear cloche measures 10" dia. x 6"T. Includes a ¾" tall base. Shown with an 8" cake   $32.00    

7"L x 4½"W x 8"T. Holds standard sized napkins and three shakers. Includes green glass Mason Jar salt, pepper and toothpick shakers. Please wash our shakers before use.  $36.50  VERY LOW STOCK

CW360074   Hoosier Tea Jar

Red Rooster Kitchen Caddy Pitcher             7" dia. x 9".   Not guaranteed watertight $23.95

Basket is 8¼" high with handle folded. Accessories are not included. Basket features three small compartments and one long compartment.  $22.50

6" dia. x 10"T. This galvanized milk can is not guaranteed watertight.   $19.95.

Tcd  CW530106   Set of Two White Dairy Buckets

17" x 3½" x 4½". Includes jars with standard lids (shown far right).  Also works great with our Mason jar lids. (Flower frog shown on the far left jar. )  Glass jars are 3" dia. x 5½"     $37.60

CW530024 "Homegrown" Bucket

CW530023  Anderson Tray

CW370085GR  Grayson Caddy

12¾"W x 7"D x 12"T. This rack reads: “Thompson's Baked Goods"; "baked goods that taste like Mom's!"; and "from our kitchen to yours" on the base.   $38.00

​​Tcd  Charming Chicken Wire Utensil Holder 

CW760258T Chicken Wire Salt Pepper And Napkin Caddy

CW370079T  Small  Thompson's Baked Goods Rack

Country Kitchen 

Mason Jar Two Tier Spice Rack 8"W x 3"D x 11½"T. Mason's Jars logo is printed on the top. Fits our ¼ Pint Mason jar, or other jars of spices. Jars and accessories are not included.   $24.50

This round wire caddy comes with a rounded handle at top and four 6 oz glasses. Carry this item at parties and picnics. This caddy measures 7½" dia. and 8" tall including handle.  Gardeners, this would also make a great rooting rack.  $22.95

8¼" wide and 6½" tall. Includes two Mason jar salt and pepper shakers.   $28.95    

CW840018GR  Farmhouse Napkin Caddy

CW811170T Roast Coffee K-Cup® Caddy

Red Rooster Bucket Caddy  9" dia. x 16". Features a a divider in the middle.    $28.95

Tcd  530148   Kitchen Caddy with Four Glass Jars

​​Tcd  530060   Charming  Galvanized Milk Can with Handle

Tcd  CW840025T Chicken Wire Salt Pepper and Napkin Caddy - Barn Roof

Garden Gate Salt Pepper and Napkin Caddy 12½"L x 2"W x 4¾"T. Holds standard-size napkins and includes green glass Mason Jar salt and pepper shakers.  Please wash our shakers before use with food.   $32.50     VERY LOW STOCK

CW530020 "Designed by Nature" Display

Tcd530154 Delightful Red Rooster Kitchen Caddy Pitcher

Measures 3¼" x 5¼". Catch flies without harmful chemicals. Add apple cider vinegar in the jar as bait. Fruit flies enter through the bottom and cannot escape.  $22.50

18¼"W x 10"D x 2"T. Accessories are not included.  $34.95