SG33259    They Call Me Grandma Sign

TG33431   Leave a Note Sign w/ Clips

Home Sweet Home Pillow is made of tightly woven burlap and features the screen-printed words "Home Sweet Home" in burgundy. It is 12" square.    $16.00

SG90102  Baby Bug Doll  

41466-89053    Bear Bank

 Leave a Note Sign depicts a pastoral farm scene and the phrase "Leave a note" along with three star-clips for pinning notes. The piece is made of painted wood and measures 10" square   $22.00

TVIN1001  Kids! They grow up so fast. They move out so slow.

TGH33549   God Opens a Window House

SG33058   Family Letters, 6/set

God Bless Americana Block                           Length    5 Width    1 Height 3     $14.75

A unique time piece that will add a rustic touch to your decor. This metal and glass min hourglass features a quirky design with white sand inside. This hourglass is crafted from quality metal, dyed in silver color and has antique finish.   Dimension: 4x4x8 inch     $29.10    LOW STOCK

TG11818    Dining Table Caddy

Hot Bath Slat Sign is printed with a vintage advertisement on ivory painted wooden slats with lightly distressed edges.    $32.50

Every Home House is made of faux distressed wood and features primitive decor along with the phrase "When God closes a door He opens a window."Measures 7" high.    $14.15

SG67292   Cribbage Game Board w/Pieces

They Call Me Grandma Sign features a home setting with pine trees and the phrase "So there are these kids...they kinda stole my heart. They call me Grandma." The sign is 6" high by 8" wide.    $18.30

91566-71683   Old Fashioned Radishes Bucket with Handle                        

Antique Soup Can is made of tin with a "Mom's Homemade" label. It has a wire handle and is 4½" tall by 3½" wide.   $18.45

SG33205    Lost Socks Clip Sign

SGJHA1427    Each New Day Sign

Old Fashioned Radishes' Bucket with Handle    $22.49

4143-88484   God Bless Americana Block


Dining Table Caddy is an aged wire mesh basket with jute rope handles that comes with three Mason jars that have lids with holes in them. Caddy measures 6" high by 11" wide.     $48.65

TG124    Sheep Box

Dance in the Rain Berry Plate is made of pressed wood and features a leaf and berry design on the outer edge. Measures 9½" in diameter. For decorative use only.     $18.95

Painted to look like distressed wood, the Lost Socks Clip Sign features the phrase "LOST SOCKS, Seeking soul mates" along with five clothespins along the bottom. The sign in 8" high by 14" wide.      $21.95

This wooden Each New Day Sign features the phrase "Each new day is a blessing" on a burgundy background with painted imagery of a house and willow tree. It measures 4" high by 16" wide with a metal hanger.      $14.95

SG72043    Life Gives You Sign

Every Day Country  Charm

TG33562    Dance in the Rain Berry Plate

Bear Bank Overall: 6" H x 6" W x 5.31" D    $24.75

TG33157B     Bless this House Plate

467753  Metal Glass Min Hourglass

Bless This House Plate is made of  painted, pressed wood and features a border of stars, a primitive house, and a thin pine tree. The center is painted black and features the phrase, "Bless this house." It is 8" square. For decorative use.     $18.35

TGMT138016   Antique Soup Can

Made of painted, distressed wood, the Sheep Box is white with a black head and legs and reads "Simplify." It measures 12½" high by 13" wide with a 5½" depth.   $34.85  OUT OF STOCK

Family Letters are free-standing wood letters with distressed paint and assorted faith phrases on the "F" and "L." Each letter measures 8" high.    $32.55

When Live Gives You Sign is aqua blue and cream and features the phrase "When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile." The box sign measures 5" high by 3½" wide, with a 1" depth.      $14.95

This  vintage-inspired Cribbage Game Board features a distressed cribbage game on wood surrounded by a black frame. It is 10¾" high by 20½" wide, comes with game pieces, and has two nail hooks on the back.    $31.45

Kids! They grow up so fast. They move out so slow.   Bruce Allen                   Dimension: 4x6 Box Art    $14.50

BG33599    Hot Bath Slat Sign

Baby Bug Doll wears a plaid dress with a lace accent and a bonnet. She holds a small lady bug doll of her own and sits 17" tall on a weighted bottom.  $38.95

SG25874  Home Sweet Home Pillow