Old Farmers Meat Market Wooden Plaque features a sheep with a faux antique ad. It is 10½" high by 24" wide.   $33.75

FG12467     Retro Milk Bottles w/Carrier, Small

 Hanging Welcome Pig is made of wood that has been cut out into a pig shape. It is painted with adorable black spots that add charm and character to the piece. Item is accented with vine and raffia and features a wood block with the word "Welcome" across the front. Hangs on a thin wire loop and measures 17" wide by 11" high.  $28.95

Fresh Eggs and Ham Plate is a rustic wooden plate with a concave shape and a hen design. It has hand-painted details and measures 9" square. For decorative use only; not food safe.   $28.50

FG60074    Old Farmers Market Plaque

TDG29100   Farmer's Market Dish Towel, 20x28

FG33601    Chicken Coop Slat Sign

TcdG65087 Butcher's Guide Distressed Metal Sign

On a Farm So Long Ago Sign features the phrase “On A Farm So Long Ago All My Fondest Memories Grow,” in black text beside a silhouette of a windmill. The textured background is brushed with distressed, light-brown paint. Hangs from a pre-drilled keyhole hanger. Measures 3.5” high by 18” wide and .75” deep    $28.40

FG23662    Scratch Feed Pillow, 12"

The Wooden Pig Hanger is made of wood carved with details and various painted colors and a metal wing accent. The piece measures 6" high by 10-1/2" wide with a metal hanger on the back.    $24.15  OUT OF STOCK

TDG33455  Fresh Eggs and Ham Plate

Our Welcome Roosters Decorative Mat is made out of 100% recycled rubber. It has polyester fabric on the front that is fade, stain, and water-resistant. Print by Dianna Swartz. 18" x 30".   $24.95  Out of Stock

Our Farmhouse Blue Tractor Clock is made of metal and shaped like an old-fashioned tractor. It is painted light blue and peppered with a rusty, scratched-metal look. The clock face is set in the back wheel and protected by a hard, clear plastic cover. It runs on one AA battery (not included), and sits well on a shelf or table in the living room, kitchen, or a bedroom. Measures 11" high by 16" wide by 2" deep.   $42.00

FG60098    Wooden Pig Plaque

Olde Milk and Creamery sign has a white background with a silhouette of a cow and lettering in black that reads "The Olde Milk and Creamery Fresh Dairy Since 1889 - Daily Delivery Service - Hand Churned Butter". The edges of this metal sign are distressed for a vintage look. Sign is 13-3/4" H x 10-1/4" W with two sawtooth hangers on the back.   $22.70

8770036    Free Range Eggs Wood Wall Sign

Majestic Cattle Pillow is a decorative pillow made of greige chambray material. It features a cow design with the phrase, "Marvelous Feed For Majestic Cattle." Pillow measures 10" square.    $19.95

 FG72827    Bells the Cow

TDG65086  The Olde Milk & Creamery Distressed Metal Sign

Update your country farmhouse home with our Early Bird Farms Pillow featuring a vintage advertisement for poultry feed. The pillow is made from a 100" soft cotton "burlap" fabric for that rustic look. Easy to display in a basket, on a shelf or bed. It is  10" square      $19.95

Free Range Eggs Metal Plaque is printed on corrugated tin and stands on a black block. It is 7" high by 26" wide.    $36.00

FG60055    Fresh Eggs Sign w/Jute Hanger

FG11434     General Store Metal Scale

FGM8875ABC     3/Set, Country Animals Frames

FG00068  Welcome Rooster Floor Mat

Metal Scale is truly primitive! Features a rusty finish scale with a rooster and "General Store" written on it. Measures 9" diameter and is 24" long.   $29.95      

A painted wood sign, the Farmers Market Shelf and Hook has a metal shelf and hooks, and comes with a jute hanger. Printed on it are the words "Farmers' Market" and "Farm to table." The piece measures 20" high by 12" wide.    $46.00  OUT OF STOCK

TCG65060   Wicked Chickens Plaque

Featuring a rooster along with the phrases "Farm Fresh Eggs" and "Free Range Eggs - 25 cents a dozen," the Farm Fresh Eggs Framed Sign is a canvas print with a 1" thick wood frame. It measures 21" high by 13" wide and has two metal hangers.     $54.00   OUT OF STOCK

17¼" x 24¼" printed wood sign. Hangs with two sawtooth hangers. Reads: Farm fresh premium quality free range eggs    $33.95

To see More Welcome Mats  Click Here

Depicting a rooster and printed with the phrase "Farm to Table," the Farm to Table Metal sign is made of corrugated metal. The sign measures 16" high by 12" wide and comes with a wire hanger     $32.00

Farmhouse  Fresh

 5" Sq. Country Animals Frames are distressed, antique white wooden frames with pictures of farm animals inside. The photos are black and white, and include a rooster and hen, a cow, and a sheep. Each frame has an antique knob detail, and can be hung by the sawtooth hanger on the back of the frame. Frames measure 5" square and 1" deep.   $24.35

Farmhouse Freestanding Wooden Word is a freestanding, wood cutout of the word “Farmhouse,” in script lettering. The front of the word is made to look like rustic, natural wood for an aged, country effect. Display on a mantle, or hang on the wall by hanging a nail through the letters. Measures 14.5” wide by 4” high and 1” deep.   $24.00

TCG  65046  Welcome To Our Farmhouse 

 Farmhouse Fresh  Decor as well as Farm and Farmhouse Themed products. Hope you enjoy them

Fresh Eggs Sign is made of black painted wood and features a heavy jute hanger. It is 5" high by 19" wide.    $35.34   OUT OF STOCK

 Wicked Chickens Plaque is a metal sign with a humorous design that is perfect for any kitchen or dining room. Item features the silhouette of a hen with the phrase, "Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs." Sign hangs on two sawtooth hangers and measures 13¾" high by 10" wide.    $29.95

 TG60091  Farmers Market Shelf and Hook 

Made of thin, painted wood, Bells the Cow stands on a black block and features corrugated tin and jingle bell details. It is lightly corrugated and measures 5½" high by 8½" wide.    $26.10

Our Farmer's Market Dish Towel is a tan, waffle weave towel with black and white striping details along the bottom. Towel features a produce truck design and displays the words,"Farmers Market. Always fresh, delivered daily. Eggs, fruits, vegetables, honey." Towel measures 28" long by 20" wide.  One Towel $16.50 2 Towels  $20.50 and 3 Towels $32.00

FG33600    Farmhouse Kitchen Slat Sign

 FG33624    Farm Alarm Rooster Sign

Retro Milk Bottles are painted white with a red label. The bottles are 5½" high and the white carrier is 9½" high by 6" wide and holds two small bottles.    $31.40

Our  Chicken Coop Slat Sign features a distressed chicken silhouette and the phrases "Chicken coop" and "what happens in the coop stays in the coop" printed on the wood slats. Measures 13¼" high by 10½" wide.    $36.50

TDGH33919  Farm Tray

Our Farmhouse Kitchen Slat Sign is made of painted wood and features a cow with the printed phrases "Farmhouse kitchen"and "Meals served with love - always open." Measures 13¼" high by 10½" wide.    $32.35

Scratch Feed Pillow is made of natural, aged fabric, and resembles an old-style feed bag. It has red and blue accents on the front and back and measures 12" square.    $38.10

TCG34097  6/Set, Sawyer Mill Pig Placemats

Farm Alarm Rooster Sign is made of painted wood and features a cut-out of a rooster along with a decorative metal bracket and the words "Farm Alarm." The sign measures 7-1/2" high by 18-1/4" long.   $34.00

Welcome to Our Farmhouse Plaque is a lightweight metal sign with a unique cutout shape. Item features a distressed, rustic finish and displays the phrase, "Welcome to Our Farmhouse. Fresh Homemade." Hangs on two sawtooth hangers and measures 6¼" high by 20½" wide.  $34.00

FG60084    Farm to Table Sign

FG33540   Pumpkin Farm Sign

TcdG75014  Delightful Farmhouse Blue Tractor Clock

The Butcher's Guide sign features a stack of farm animals including a cow, pig and chicken. Each animal has the favorite cuts of meat mapped out on their silhouette. Sign features a white background with black figures and the phrase, "the butcher's guide." Edges of the 13-3/4" H x 10-1/4" W metal sign are distressed. Two sawtooth hangers are on the back for hanging.   $23.00

FG60085    Farm Fresh Eggs Framed Sign

TcG-90708  Script Farmhouse Freestanding Wooden Word

 FG60050   Free Range Eggs Metal Standing Sign

 TDG-12719   On a Farm So Long Ago Sign, White, 7"x 18"

Sawyer Mill Pig Placemats a set of six jute fabric mats. Mats feature bands of black, taupe, silver and natural colors, and each displays a distressed, black stencil image of a grazing pig. Measures 12" high by 18" wide    $43.95

FG29071   Fancy Poultry Pillow, 10" sq

FG17213  Hanging Welcome Pig 

Farm Tray is a decorative wooden tray that has distressed edges. Tray is painted with a country scene that spells out the word, "FARM." Measures 11" wide by 5¼" high. Item is for decorative use only  $21.95

Pumpkin Farm Sign depicts an old pickup truck carrying a gigantic pumpkin and measures 12" high by 18" wide.     $23.50  OUT OF STOCK

FG29063     Majestic Cattle Pillow, 10" sq