Asian Pear and Lily


Cinnamon Rush

Christmas Tree-Dark Green- Who can resist the scent of a fresh cut Christmas Tree
Cinnamon-Light Brown-the wonderful aroma of a strong cinnamon scent 
Cinnamon Rush-Dark Red-Sure to Bring back your childhood memories. Like the popular candy, this old time favorite has a spicy kick and just the right amount of hot and sweet a cinnamon lover's delight.
Citrus Blast-Clear-An Invigorating , refreshing fragrance that mixes sweet, juicy mandarin orange with tangy lime
Coconut Lime Verbena-Light Green- The luscious blend of juicy citrus fruits such as lime on a delicate heart of creamy coconut .Earthy, woodsy verbena. Vanilla notes and musk base notes round out the blend of this delightful fragrance.
Cotton Blossom-Clear-Like the smell of cotton that has been allowed to dry in the fresh air. A powerful fragrances Cotton Blossom makes a wonderful room deodorizer.

We offer Forty Scents, Plus Unscented for those of you that prefer that.   We KNOW you will love your Gel Candle



Citrus Blast


Coconut Lime Verbena

Island Sunset

Gulf Breeze



Chocolate Fantasy



Here we are sure You will find your favorite Candle Scent in our Gel Candle Collection      There's nothing  like scented candles to freshen up your home, cover unpleasant odors, eliminate scents from the air, or create a wonderful atmosphere. The right fragrance will even put you at ease. Please Note: The Color of the Gel will reflect on how the Candle looks . Here we have both the Fragrance and the Gel color


  Peace-Light Blue-That feeling of Peace, gives you a calm mind, a relaxed body, that safe at home feeling, your refuge from the world. Enjoy this Peaceful experience.
Peppermint-Light Pink-Nothing tastes like a peppermint candy. Well, almost nothing. This Peppermint Scented Candle brings that scent to life with a touch of sweetness. Anyone want an after dinner mint ?
Perfectly Peach-Light Peach-lusciously sweet and ripe peaches  prepared for your favorite dessert, over vanilla ice cream, peach cobbler, or in your favorite summertime pie.     
Pipe Smoke-Light Amber Brown- Remember the days dad sat in his easy chair puffing on his pipe, The room filled with those rustic scents that always made the space feel cozy. This candle will bring you back to that place in time .With the earthy smell of tobacco leaves, honey,aromatic cedar, cherry woods and rich vanilla bean.
Pumpkin Spice-Medium Orange Brown-A true-to-life fragrance inspired by hot coffees and delicious pies. A highly scented candle made with a unique blend of pumpkin, cinnamon, and spices. 
Rain Forest-Light Green-Picture a  tropical forest, Rain has just fallen ,cooling off the heat of the day. The air feels fresh and clean.  Rain Forest  Candles transport you to that place.
Rose-Light Pink-A true rose petal scent one Our most popular floral scents year round.

Perfectly Peach

Sage & Citrus

Pumpkin Spice



Fresh Air

Honeysuckle-Light Pink-The best of the wild smells undoubtedly comes from the honeysuckle, this scent brings together a unique bouquet of honeysuckle, jasmine, rose and lilac, bringing you the scent of a flowering meadow in spring.
Island Sunset-Light Reddish Orange-Call the travel agency to Book a trip to paradise. This Island Sunset Candle will bring the the islands to your home. A bouquet of refreshing fruit scents, mandarin orange, kumquat, Mexican lime, tangerine, watermelon, honeydew melon, cantaloupe and tart green apples.Relax and enjoy that sunset.
Jasmine-Light Greenish Yellow-A jasmine scent that is so real, it will have you looking for the flowers. Our Jasmine candles are very fragrant and very accurate!
Lavender-Bright Purple-This gel candle perfectly captures the magnificent floral fragrance of real lavender. 
Lilac-Light Purple-One of the most pure of fragrances. Best described as sweet without being cloying, fruity but not citrusy, exactly floral, fresh, clean, sweet, and innocent.
Log Cabin-Light Gold- The warmth of a fire burning in the fireplace on a chilly night. Can you smell the hardwoods burning ? This Log Cabin smell hints of apple and lemon, a spicy blend of anise, cinnamon and ginger, add to that, wood, musk and vanilla for that  wonderful homey scent.
Merlot-Medium Rose- Wine specialists labor to find the best grapes and  fruit compliments to produce an award winning wine.  We have packed all of the richness of a well-aged red into our Merlot, truly a treat for the senses
Musk-Deep Gold- A fresh, true to musk fragrance our Musk gel candles combine patchouli and sandalwood to perfection, creating an earthy warm blend 





Tropical  Sun 


Cotton Blossom


Eucalyptus Spearmint-Sea Foam Green- These Eucalyptus Spearmint Scented Candles begin with  herbal eucalyptus and refreshing spearmint, scents that complement one another and enliven the senses. Then, fresh citrus lemon , lavender and finish with sage .Resulting in a fragrance that you will love to experience over and over.
Frankincense-Gold-The sweet, warm fragrance is known to relax the mind bringing feelings of comfort, so Frankincense is a natural choice to help promote a restful night's sleep. 
Freesia-Light Pink-A rich floral sorbet, subtle, light, and wonderfully sweet.
Fresh Air-Light Green-Fresh and fragrant, like linens cleaned and dried in the warm sun with a gentle breeze.
Gardenia-Clear-A rich aromatic gardenia fragrance with lily of the valley added to lighten and brighten the perfume and finished with exotic jasmine.Truly A light refreshing floral
Gulf Breeze-Light Bluish Purple-Here we start with a lush green base with aloe and green clover. Then, fresh, crisp citrus and jasmine petals as top notes,add The base deep musk, the bouquet is perfection. 
Holiday Home-Light Green-This unique fragrance includes festive holiday pine, herbal eucalyptus and exotic, musky amber. With added lighter hints of pine,and lovely spruce, along with cloves for that aroma of holiday baking.Rounding out this cheerful fragrance are top notes  of bay, orange and lemon, you will love this cheerful fragrance.




Sage & Citrus-Light Olive-A vibrant green floral with botanical sage add a combination of mandarin orange, tangerine, lemon rind and ruby red grapefruit,offering touches of sweetness, bitterness and juiciness creating this perfect fragrance.    
Sangria-Burgundy- Sangria can be made in many different ways, and always seems to taste incredible! This scent was inspired by that perfectly blended glass of sangria in doing so we  bring together, grape, orange, lemon, lime and apple--all of the staple fruits in a glass of sangria. Next, the tangy note of blackberries and pomegranate. The sweet sugar base perfectly rounds out the bouquet  
Strawberry-Light Red-The Strong, sweet of a sun ripened summer strawberry 
Tropical Sun-Bright Blue-  You head out to the beach, can you feel the sand between your toes, the warmth of the sun?  Spread out your blanket, lie back and relax, as you forget your troubles. The sweet, fruity scent of pineapple and coconut, brings that Tropical Sun scent into your home.
Unscented-Clear-Looking for the soft glow of a candle but not the scent? For those occasions, this unscented candle is the perfect choice.
Vanilla-Light Gold- The Popular Vanilla Bean Rounded to a Rich Creamy Flavor 
Vanilla Coconut-Clear-you'll be treated to a wonderful blend of tropical coconut and creamy vanilla.                                                      
Waterfall-Light Blue- Imagine the awesome spectacle of a cascading waterfall. Climb down and wade in the pools of sparkling blue water. With a base of patchouli, add sandalwood, oak moss, jasmine and rose, finish with bergamot, clementine and grapefruit. truly an unforgettable scent. This Waterfall Candle brings that wonderful scent into your home!  

Eucalyptus Spearmint

Christmas Tree

Apple Pie

Rain Forest


Coconut Vanilla

Holiday Home

Gel Candle Fragrances

Pipe Smoke

Apple-Light Gold-A fresh, crisp, delicious apple scent. 
Apple Pie-Gold-Apple Pie,Warm and Fresh From the oven 
Asian Pear and Lily-Light Gold-Sweet Fruit Scents along with Aromatic Floral Notes
Bay Winds-Light Blue-Fresh Breeze W/ just a hint of lemon
Bayberry-Light Green-Always a Holiday Tradition
Bergamot-Smokey Purple-The exquisite scent of bergamot with a hint of citrus and a floral note
Bliss-Light Purple-The Blissful Scent of Lavender & Peach
Champagne-Light Gold-The familiar champagne scent ,a unique and  popular choice for your holiday candles. 
Chardonnay-Light Ivory-Tart, dry notes from the grapes of white wine
Chocolate Fantasy-Chocolate Brown-The fudgy, tempting scent of milk chocolate so close to real that you may start counting calories.

Log Cabin

Bay Winds