428457  Metal Rope Ball 5"W 10"H

Looking for some storage options this  Wood Glass Box Set of 3 will add a stylish touch to your storage .  They feature nautical themed design. They are square in shape and are provided with iron locks . Keep stamps coins jewelry , etc in them. To maintain them  just wipe them off with a cloth from time-to-time.   $42.84

a unique time piece that will add a rustic touch to your decor. This metal and glass min hourglass features a quirky design with white sand inside. This hourglass is crafted from quality metal, dyed in silver color and has antique finish.   Dimension: 4x4x8 inch     $29.10    LOW STOCK  LAST CHANCE

TW520001     Owl Bookends

Colorful and cute this shell wind chime charm you with its look.  Hang it in the patio garden or in the living room bedroom window  it features a large shell atop and strings of miniature shells.   $26.50

TW460068    Heart Wall Photo Holder

 250725  Elegant Ceramic Elephant Set Of 2 

Art can be inspired and created from almost anything. This Vase is one such creation made from Terracotta material. This uniquely crafted Vase has rustic white shade with gloss finish   $36.00

TGKC143B    Black Dresser Valet

Our Design Center/ Home Accents and Table Top

Vases are a preferred decor option .      Made from ceramic this vases is cylindrical shaped. This vase is offered in marble finish . 4x4x12 inch Material: Ceramic  $32.00

Simply designed but great in utility; this Metal Rope Ball will certainly catch your eye. This rope ball can be used as a door stop,as a bookend to keep the books organized. You can also use this rope ball as a paper weight.   $28.00      OUT OF STOCK

 TG11818    Dining Table Caddy

Give your  space a nautical touch with this wood and brass sail boat. Made of  wood and brass the Well shaped  brass accents offer it a vintage look. Display it on a side table ,shelf or mantel.  7"W 10"H   $22.50

756661   Wood PVC Book Box   Set of 3 -9" 12" 14"H.

TGKC014  Country Writing Desk

THRT-25395 Ceramic Bird-Gold

TW520000   Mice Bookends

 Designer Wood PVC Book Box Set of 3  gives your home a stylish touch. Made of supreme quality materials , the set contains three boxes in different sizes . The marine themed design that makes this book box set a unique . Keep books jewelry small cards etc in them. 
Wipe  off with a soft cloth to maintain the book boxes .  

We are sure you will love this portable desk!    Traditional tabletop writing desk is a generous 4.5" x 23-1/4" x 14-1/2", with a groove for business cards and writing instruments on top. Hinged lid opens to reveal even more storage for stationary, letters, coupons and more. Great for a lap desk or lectern too!     Made in Ohio.    $48.50    OUT OF STOCK


 259786  Stunning Ceramic Square Vase 

​​459773  Ceramic Black Marble Vase

THRT-17659  Turquoise Terracotta Vase

467753  Metal Glass Min Hourglass

This heart photo holder measures 15½" wide and 19" tall. Features twelve clips for photos, cards and more.     $24.50

Ceramic Bird. Made from durable ceramic with a striking gold finish.   $28.50

Simple looking nautical theme vase. Crafted from ceramic with a  matte finish.  Crafted in square shape ,vase has boat and ship wheel drawing on it that adds chic look to it. This vase is functional and for decoration purpose. This vase will go with range of home interiors. Blue & White,8x4x8 inch.    $36.50

Each cast iron bookend is 4"W x 3½"D x 4"T.   $28.50

Measures( inches): 22 x 9 x 7
Made of durable metal
Polished silver and black finish Vintage inspired decorative metal wall shelf with flower pattern          

Each cast iron bookend is 3½"W x 2½"D x 4½"T.    $28.75

Dining Table Caddy is an aged wire mesh basket with jute rope handles that comes with three Mason jars that have lids with holes in them. Caddy measures 6" high by 11" wide.     $48.65

467855   Shell Wind Chime 5"W 22"H

This Black Dresser Valet is painted black and distressed, with a drawer for storage. It measures 5" high by 12" wide and is 7¼" deep.   $38.45

E19082  Nautical Wood & Brass Sail Boat

FETD-EN111187    Metal Wall Shelf with Flowers

Vase is made from ceramic and dyed in white hues. Vase has a large mouth and narrow bottom. The ceramic vase has embossed design for a traditional touch.   $38.75

TGMT138016   Antique Soup Can

754027   Wood Glass Box Set of 3   5" 6" 7"W

Two cute elephant figurines This set includes two elephants, a mother elephant and a baby elephant. Elephants are ceramic made but they look like they are wooden crafted. These elephants are dyed in wooden brown color and have classy finish. 8x4x6 inch, Material: Ceramic,Color: Brown, Black Finish: Matte.     $26.50  

Antique Soup Can is made of tin with a "Mom's Homemade" label. It has a wire handle and is 4½" tall by 3½" wide.   $18.45