What It Smells Like   Cinnamon sticks are made from long pieces of bark that are rolled, pressed, and dried. Cinnamon has a sweet, woodsy fragrance in both ground and stick forms. It is one of the most common spices using in baking during the holidays.   $10.00  2  for   $16.00

Take  these  scented candles  with you on trips to help freshen up hotel rooms, Lake and Hunting Cabins or even  put around a Jacuzzi, or use on that romantic getaway

    What It Smells Like
A fragrance designed to counteract each negative character typically created by unpleasant smoke odors. Each negative character is counterbalanced with a positive essence designed to offset its counterpart. In addition, this fragrance tops off with several characters recognized to be chosen as most favorable nuances. This is a functional as well as desirous candle fragrance    
$10.00    2   for   $16.00

Tcd-  Raspberry Cream Candle Tins 4  oz

What It Smells Like  Smells of baked pumpkin bread and french vanilla cream pudding, sweetened with caramel and nutmeg, melded with cream cheese, topped off with sprinkled cinnamon sugar. The yellow cake base give way to the caramel, nutmeg and sugared cinnamon highlights.    $10.00  2  for  $16.00

Tcd-Coconut Mango Splash Scented Tins 4 oz

What It Smells Like   A Holiday and New Years Eve tradition. Many believe that a Bayberry Candle helps bring good health and prosperity. Bayberry is the perfect blend of fir and balsam enhanced with sweet berry notes and just the right amount of nutmeg and spice.    $10.00   2  for  $16.00

What It Smells Like If you've ever picked fresh raspberries, you know how annoying the thorns can be, but as you collect the plump ripe fruit, it's difficult not to pop one in your mouth for every two you pick. The flavorful rich juice from each raspberry you taste and the aroma created as you savor the fruit is the essence of this wonderfully popular candle fragrance. Spoon on a sugary whipped creme topping to complete this scrumptious dessert fragrance.     $10.00  2 for $16.00

What It Smells Like
A fragrance that captures the comforting scent of just-out-of-the-dryer freshness. As cool, crisp, and comfortable as a freshly laundered towels, this airy light scent is an easy, feel-good favorite. Pleasing traces of rosewood and warm musk add familiar warmth to create this sensational fresh presentation.
   $10.00   2  for   $16.00

What It Smells Like  Cool and refreshing aquatic notes. It stimulates the senses with its vigor and vitality. A year round winner because of the sparkle is creates. This vibrant green quality begins with a medley of sweet orange blossoms with base notes of fresh sandalwood and Tahitian vanilla beans.   $10.00    2 for  $16.00

Tcd-Clean Cotton Scented Tins 4 oz 

Tcd- Smoke Eater Scented Tins 4 oz

Tcd-Homemade Pumpkin Roll   Scented Tins 4 oz

Very Delightful ​Sweetheart Rose Tin 4 Oz.

Tcd-Cinnamon Stick Scented Tins 4 oz

Tcd-Black Raspberry Vanilla Scented Tins 4 oz

What It Smells Like Sweet silky raspberries and ripe blackberries blended in a decadent vanilla creme.   $10.00  2  for $16.00

Just Travel Tins

Tcd-Baked Apple CrispScented Tins 4 oz

Tcd-Bayberry Scented Tins 4 oz

Burn Time: 25 to 30 hours  Scent: premium blend of synthetic and essential oils to produce great burning candle tins with a strong scent throw.  Wicks: 100 percent lead free Size: 2.5 in. diameter x 1.75 in. tall Wax Type: paraffin

What It Smells Like  A sweetheart bouquet is particularly attractive when the roses are still in the bud stage. These buds appear to be so tender and delicate, but make no mistake this scent doesn't just play with your senses. If you like roses, and the romantic feelings this bouquet creates, you'll love this full bodied, floral creation.   $10.00  2   for  $16.00

Tcd-Ocean Breeze Scented Tins 4 oz

What It Smells Like   More adult than some Vanillas, this is a creamy, dulcet scent with a hint of browned caramelized sugar to tantalize the senses and beguile the nose. French Vanilla is the most popular among the vanillas. Tempting, deliciously rich & creamy with a buttery vanilla scent.  $10.00  2  for  $16.00

What It Smells Like  Just like the pie from grandma's kitchen. Juicy apple slices smothered with sugar and cinnamon surrounded by rich creamy butter and topped with grandma's special crisp recipe of brown sugar, flour, oats, cinnamon, and nutmeg and baked to perfection as only she can do.   $10.00  2  for  $16.00

 What It Smells Like
Put this in your blender and imagine the sensation. Fruity mangoes, fresh strawberries, blended with elderberries and papaya, splashed with creamy coconut milk.   
$10.00  2  for   $16.00

Tcd-French Vanilla Scented Tins 4 oz