Standing Hope Doll is poised atop a wooden stand and wears a colorful patchwork dress and bonnet. She has brown yarn hair and holds a white flower and stuffed mouse with vine accent. She features a kraft paper tag that reads "Hope" and is 18" tall.     $58.95

Baxter Bunny wears overalls with wooden buttons and a plaid scarf. He is made of antiqued fabric, features an antique tag, and holds a stuffed carrot. Measures 13½" high.    $26.50

Winter Bear is a plush fabric teddy bear doll with a winter spin. Bear wears a warm patterned vest with a ruffled collar and a thick fleece front that is accented with rusty jingle bells. The top of the outfit is detailed with pine sprigs, red pip berries, and a cheesecloth bow. He also wears a tag with the word, "Bear," in primitive stitching detail. Measures 12" high (9" high when seated).    $44.00

SG90106    I'm Sorry Mouse

G90402Tcd    Oh My! Doll

SG90024    Helga Witch

This adorable Snowman Doll adds a cozy look to your winter decor. Made from fabric, the stuffed snowman wears a knitted hat and sweater with black buttons on the front. He has stitched facial features, a stick nose, cheesecloth scarf, and measures 9" tall. The perfect companion for the Faith Snowman Doll, she is also on this page.    $34.50

TG90227   Winter Bear

sgjp01   Number 1 Pig  

TG90219    Chevron Elf Doll

 SG90001    Primitive Sheep Doll

TG90229   Eve Mouse

Oscar and Oliver are a pair of adorable, father and son, country pigs. Each pig wears a pair of denim overalls and a red gingham shirt or scarf. Pigs are made with distressed fabric for an aged, rustic look. Oscar measures 16" high (10" high when seated). Oliver measures 8" high (5" high when seated).    $46.75

Helga Witch wears a black and yellow gingham jacket with orange detailing. She has a large button accent along with a broom and tattered hat. It is 16" tall sitting, 26" tall when upright.   $44.56   

SG90015     Faith Snowman Doll

Parsley and Beets Doll is an adorable bunny doll with wired, poseable ears, large painted eyes, and rosy cheeks. She wears a colorful paisley dress and holds a large beet in one hand. Measures 22½" high (14" high when seated).     $47.50

TG90217   Emma Bunny

SGCS36979    Felix Bunny

Milk Maid Doll is a cute, country doll. She wears denim overalls, a white t-shirt, and a red bandana over her brown pigtails. She also holds a metal milk bucket in her hands. Measures 16" high (9" high when seated).    $42.95   

Vickie Doll is a cute country doll with brown yarn pigtails and black bead eyes. She wears a tea-stained dress with a ruffled bottom and has black, painted shoes. She holds a woven bonnet in her hands that is accented with flowers and a blue bow. Measures 13" high (8" high when seated).     $38.15

Eve Mouse is a poseable mouse figure with a wired tail and arms. She wears a green, plaid scarf and is accented with a ladybug on one arm and an apple on the other. Measures 6" high.    $24.20

Witch Hazel has a mischievous grin and is wearing an orange striped dress with a pointy black hat. She is 24" high    $38.95   OUT OF STOCK

Buttons Bunny wears a red gingham shirt with burgundy pants and features jute, lace, and button accents. It holds a small stuffed carrot and measures 25" high.    $26.50

TG90233    Vickie Doll

SGCS36631    Christy Bag Holder

SG90013      Snowman Doll

Allie Doll is a primitive and patriotic doll with large, brown, hand-painted eyes and brown hair. She wears a burgundy and cream striped dress with a cream bonnet and a white apron. Allie's hand is sewn over her heart, and she wears a tag on her apron that says "I Pledge Allegiance." Allie measures 10" tall when sitting and 18" tall overall. Please note: item is intended for decorative purposes only.    $42.50

Made of stiff fabric dusted with cinnamon, the Primitive Sheep Doll features real green foliage inside a tweed pocket, curly wire tail, craft paper tag that reads "Primitive," and a cheesecloth and rusty bell accent around its neck. The sheep stands on four rusty metal legs and measures 7" high by 7" wide.    $33.55

TG90153   Frog Critter

TG90221  Addy Tulle Doll

Buzz, buzz, buzz! Do you hear the cutie, Ben Bee? He is ready for spring and made from dark stuffed fabric and wears a cheesecloth scarf with a bell accent. He has wings made from black mesh and measures 6" high     $22.00

TGCS37179    Granny Doll

Jackson Doll on Spindle is a stuffed scarecrow head with a burlap hat, raffia accents, and a happy sunflower. It is attached to a standing spindle and measures 18" tall.    $38.00    OUT OF STOCK

TG90190   Sara Doll

TG90220   Saint Nick

Vintage Benny Snowman is a soft, fluffy snowman doll. He wears a slate gray hat and scarf, each dusted with a coating of glitter snow. Benny is also accented with silver tinsel and navy button details. Includes a fabric string hanger. Measures 13½" high by 8" wide (13" wide with arms extended).    $37.95

 Miss Jackie Doll has a stuffed pumpkin head and wears tan and gingham clothing. It is 26" high and features a primitive name tag.      $38.95  OUT OF STOCK

Bea Bunny is a primitive bunny made of stuffed cream fabric. It holds a carrot and features a plaid scarf and flat orange nose. Measures 9" high.    $25.40

Alicia Angel is a stuffed fabric doll with a vintage, aged appearance. She has rosy cheeks, and she is wearing a pip ring halo and vintage floral dress. In her arms she holds a heart with lace and button details. Her name tag is pinned to her dress with a rusty safety pin. Measures 14" tall when seated and 25" tall overall. Please note: item is intended for decorative purposes only.    $39.75

TG90222   Halloween Party Bri

Tim Cat is a fabric cat with hand-painted stripes. He has bead eyes and a name tag attached with a safety pin. Measures 4¾" high.    $17.95

Christy Bag Holder wears a gingham dress and burlap apron with red yarn hair. Measures 24" high and holds plastic bags.    $32.00

TG90442    Mandy Doll

Garden Mouse wears a fabric dress with lace accents on a sash. She carries flowers and a straw hat, and stands 7-1/2" tall.     $33.75

Felix Bunny is a felt bunny wearing a straw headband and a pair of green and tan overalls. He has a fabric carrot around his neck and a vine wreath in his hand. His ears are wired and poseable, and his feet are weighted which allows him to stand upright. Measures 16" high.    $38.95

TGCS37189  Mama Rolling Pin Doll

The Number 1 Pig doll is made of worn fabric with painted stripes in red, white, and blue. It reads "No. 1," stands on metal legs, and has a curly tail and button eyes. It stands 7½" tall and is 11" wide.    $34.00

Fabric Bunny is an adorable stuffed bunny with rosy cheeks, a burlap scarf, and a wicker Easter basket. Measures 15½" tall.  $27.95   OUT OF STOCK

TG90223  Ginger Gingerbread

This weathered wood bench features chicken wire backing. It is 19" high x 16-1/2" wide and 8-3/4" deep.     $37.25

TG90048   Buttons Bunny

SGCS36629     Angie w/Cat Doll

TG90216  Allie Doll

 SGTDA54205   Burlap Bunny 15" 

​​TGCS36584     Baxter Bunny

 Addy Tulle Doll is a stuffed fabric doll. Addy has braided, red yarn hair and wears a printed, plaid dress with a red tulle skirt. She also has a name tag pinned to her top. Includes a string hanger. Measures 12½" high by 12" wide.    $42.65

April Doll wears a floral dress and carries a stuffed plaid heart with lace accent. She has brown yarn hair and measures 17½" high.    $29.60    OUT OF STOCK

SGJHA1261      Wood Bench

Faith Snowman Doll features a headband made of greenery and red pips, red gingham dress with green buttons, and a hand full of greenery, tin stars, and pips. A kraft paper tag reading "Faith" is attached with a black felt bow. The doll measures 9" tall.      $34.50

SGCS36987     Tim Cat

Jethro Bunny is made of antiqued fabric and wears dark overalls with a plaid scarf. He has poseable ears and measures 28" high.     $33.95    OUT OF STOCK


 TG90218   Vintage Benny Snowman

I'm Sorry Mouse   wears a fabric scarf pinned with a name tag, and carries flowers. He stands 6" tall.    $26.15

Granny Doll is a primitive doll with silver hair and wireless eyeglasses. She is wearing a vintage-style floral dress, red stockings, and boots. Her silver hair is tucked under her bonnet, and her name tag hangs from the lace on her dress. Granny measures 8½" tall when sitting and 15" tall overall.     $34.50

​​SG90103     Jenna Doll

Our  Dolls Teddybears and Chairs  Was Too popular For one page , so here is Page 2

TGCS37034   Alicia Angel

SG90023   Jackson Doll on Spindle

Libby Doll is a primitive, country doll with a weighted bottom. She has large button eyes, rosy cheeks, and shaggy, burgundy yarn hair. She wears a red and white striped dress and holds a primitive fabric star in her hands. Measures 19" high (10" high in seated position).      $44.35

 TG90240   Oscar & Oliver

SGTDA64804    Burlap Overall Bunny

TG2329140   Charming 15.5" Bunny w/Scarf & Basket

Jenna Doll wears a fabric dress accented with patches and a white collar. She has yarn hair, carries a basket, and sits 18" tall with a weighted bottom.     $38.25

Frog Critter is an adorable weighted frog doll that features hand-painted details and the phrase "Kiss Me" painted on its belly. Measures 7" high by 4" wide.     $28.50

Herb Bunny is made of antiqued fabric and sits inside a burlap bag with the word "Herb" stitched on fabric. The bunny wears a plaid scarf and holds a fabric carrot. It is 20" high.   $34.60  

Mama Rolling Pin Doll is a primitive doll with a rolling pin under her arm. She wears an aged burgundy gingham dress and a tan apron. Measures 13" tall.    $34.50

SGCS36618    Miss Jackie Doll

Posey Kitty Doll is a primitive cat doll made of aged, rustic muslin fabric. Kitty has black button eyes, long thread whiskers, and a cheesecloth bow. She holds a bundle of colorful tulips in her lap. Measures 20" high (12" high when seated).    $42.49

Saint Nick is a plush fabric Santa doll. Doll wears a soft plaid hat and shirt with jingle bell accents and a pair of red, fur rimmed trousers. He has soft white hair a full beard. Saint Nick is also accented with a chenille candy cane pinned to his shirt, and he wears a name tag on a jute string around his waist. Includes a fabric string hanger. Measures 11½" high by 8½" wide.   $42.50

Emma Bunny is a muslin fabric bunny with wired, poseable ears and a weighted bottom. She wears a pageant-style dress and sash with mary jane flat shoes. She also wears a tag with her name on it. Includes a fabric string hanger. Measures 25" high by 6" wide (14" high in seated position).    $46.50

Mandy Doll has dark burgundy yarn hair and hand-painted blue eyes. She wears a green plaid dress and holds a slice of watermelon in her hands. Measures 17" high (10" high in seated position).      $46.50

Chevron Elf Doll is a muslin fabric elf doll. He wears a chevron striped shirt and wired hat with jingle bell accents, and his trousers and boots are painted on. He also wears an "Elf" name tag. Includes a fabric string hanger. Measures 16½" high (with hat fully extended) by 7" wide.     $39.75 

G90404Tcd    Parsley & Beets Doll

SG90105       Garden Mouse

 Stuffed Burlap Bunny has bendable ears for easy posing. It has raffia and bell accents, and a weighted bottom. Bunny measures 15" tall.  $27.95     OUT OF STOCK

 SG90057     Stuffed Burlap Owl

 Sammy Doll is a patriotic Uncle Sam with red and plaid clothes and hat, button accents, and a homespun American flag in his hand. Measures 22½" high.     $34.30

SG90007    Standing Hope Doll

Dolls-Bears and Chairs 2  

SGLH38    Bea Bunny

TG90401  Milk Maid Doll

SG90044     Witch Hazel

SGNS125   Herb Bunny

Angie with Cat Doll wears an antiqued, striped dress and holds a stuffed cat with plaid fabric and button accents. She has red yarn hair with ribbons and measures 22" tall.  $34.95


Halloween Party Dress Bri is a muslin fabric witch doll with a weighted bottom. Bri is wearing a wired witch hat and her favorite Halloween party dress, made with strips of black and white tulle and floral print fabric. She also wears a name tag sewn into the top of her dress. Includes a fabric string hanger. Measures 28" high by 10" wide (16" high in seated position).    $47.50

Sara Doll is a country doll with large, green, hand-painted eyes and vibrant red hair. She wears a primitive, green plaid dress and matching hair bows. Sara measures 10" tall when sitting and 18" tall overall. Please note: item is intended for decorative purposes only.    $44.75

TG90408   Libby Doll

TGCS36585    Sammy Doll

Ginger Gingerbread is a plush fabric gingerbread doll. She is accented with a tulle and jingle bell bow, a red pom pom nose, jingle bell buttons, and a primitive heart patch. She also wears a name tag. Includes a fabric string hanger. Measures 11½" high by 6" wide (15" wide with arms extended).   $36.95

TG90406   Posey Kitty Doll

 SGCS36589     Ben Bee

 SGNS126    Jethro Bunny

Oh My! Doll is a decorative, primitive country doll. She has brown yarn hair and large, painted eyes. She wears a green plaid dress with an apron tied around her waist. Her hand is sewn over her mouth, giving her a surprised look. Measures 16½" high (10" high in seated position).    $44.35

SGCS36609     April Doll

Burlap Overall Bunny wears tan overalls and a floral shirt, and also holds a stuffed carrot. He has poseable ears and stands 24" tall.      $34.00    OUT OF STOCK

Stuffed Burlap Owl has fall leaf wings along with yellow burlap and button accents. It is 9" high by 7" wide.   $36.45