Design has a focal shell along with smaller shells in an variety of colors & size, with no two being exactly the same. 7.5 Oz. Shelled Jar Candle 2 7/8 " by 4" high  burn 60 hrs.  Choose your favorite scent from the dropdown menu $16.95  

Please Note that  the gel color of the scent will effect  the overall look of your candle.

This 24 oz. Urn offers large shells in an array of colors and shapes and includes a single glass gem. Measuring 4" by 5 3/4" in height. burn time 250 hrs. Chose Your Favorite Scent From Our Dropdown Menu   $30.50

Sea Shell gel candles feature sand and sea shells in a variety of glass sizes.  The  4.5oz  gel candle has sand, a starfish, and some little shells at the bottom.  The brandy features one shell in front, sand and some small shells, and the other sizes have 3 larger shells and a starfish placed into the sand along with some little shells. The larger sizes feature a glass gem placed at the bottom to represent sea glass.  

Genuine seashells arranged in a Seascape at the bottom of the glass.  With the use of  natural materials, no two candles are ever the same.  4-1/4 inches high by 2-3/4 inches tall.Burn Time  45 Hours.  Choose you favorite Scent from the dropdown menu     $14.95

TD-102  16 oz Lidded Urn Jar Candles with Shells -Lavender

TD-104  5oz Brandy Snifter gel Candles with Shells-Tropical Sun

AW-106   12 oz. Shelled Jar Candle-Lavender

This 12 Oz. Candle captures the beauty of the seashore. 4-3/4"tall & 3"in diam.       In this Candle find three large seashells, smaller shells and a glass gem.  Making No two identical. Choose Your favorite Scent From Our Dropdown Menu  $21.50

AW-102   7.5 OZ JAR CANDLE WITH SHELLS -Island Sunset 

This 26oz Straight sides Jar Candle with Shells, contains assorted ,large seashells , a single glass gem. Smaller shells,along with a  bottom  of natural sand, making each Candle a unique design. Candles measure 4" by 5-3/4" a burn of 250 hrs.  Choose Your Favorite Scent From Our Dropdown Menu  $32.95

Base is filled with three beautiful seashells, a single piece of beach glass and a mix of smaller shells. No two candles are the same.Includes  lid, 3 inches wide by 5 3/4 inches tall, burn time 125 hours. Choose you favorite Scent from the dropdown menu  $25.95 

Sea Shell Gel Candles


Shelled Jar Candle with beautiful shells. No two candles are completely identical.              2 3/8 inches in width by 3 1/2 inches in height, this 5 ounce candles burn is 45 hours. Choose Your Favorite Scent From Our Dropdown Menu  $15.95    


AW-104   5 oz Shelled Jar Candle with beautiful shells-Coconut Lime