Please Note that  the gel color of the scent will effect  the overall look of your candle.

TD-104  5oz Brandy Snifter gel Candles with Shells-Tropical Sun

This 26oz Straight sides Jar Candle with Shells, contains assorted ,large seashells , a single glass gem. Smaller shells,along with a  bottom  of natural sand, making each Candle a unique design. Candles measure 4" by 5-3/4" a burn of 250 hrs.  Choose Your Favorite Scent From Our Dropdown Menu  $32.95

Base is filled with three beautiful seashells, a single piece of beach glass and a mix of smaller shells. No two candles are the same.Includes  lid, 3 inches wide by 5 3/4 inches tall, burn time 125 hours. Choose you favorite Scent from the dropdown menu  $25.95 


AW-104   5 oz Shelled Jar Candle with beautiful shells-Coconut Lime

This 24 oz. Urn offers large shells in an array of colors and shapes and includes a single glass gem. Measuring 4" by 5 3/4" in height. burn time 250 hrs. Chose Your Favorite Scent From Our Dropdown Menu   $30.50

Sea Shell gel candles feature sand and sea shells in a variety of glass sizes.  The  4.5oz  gel candle has sand, a starfish, and some little shells at the bottom.  The brandy features one shell in front, sand and some small shells, and the other sizes have 3 larger shells and a starfish placed into the sand along with some little shells. The larger sizes feature a glass gem placed at the bottom to represent sea glass.  

Genuine seashells arranged in a Seascape at the bottom of the glass.  With the use of  natural materials, no two candles are ever the same.  4-1/4 inches high by 2-3/4 inches tall.Burn Time  45 Hours.  Choose you favorite Scent from the dropdown menu     $14.95

AW-106   12 oz. Shelled Jar Candle-Lavender

AW-102   7.5 OZ JAR CANDLE WITH SHELLS -Island Sunset 

Sea Shell Gel Candles


Design has a focal shell along with smaller shells in an variety of colors & size, with no two being exactly the same. 7.5 Oz. Shelled Jar Candle 2 7/8 " by 4" high  burn 60 hrs.  Choose your favorite scent from the dropdown menu $16.95  

TD-102  16 oz Lidded Urn Jar Candles with Shells -Lavender

This 12 Oz. Candle captures the beauty of the seashore. 4-3/4"tall & 3"in diam.       In this Candle find three large seashells, smaller shells and a glass gem.  Making No two identical. Choose Your favorite Scent From Our Dropdown Menu  $21.50

Shelled Jar Candle with beautiful shells. No two candles are completely identical.              2 3/8 inches in width by 3 1/2 inches in height, this 5 ounce candles burn is 45 hours. Choose Your Favorite Scent From Our Dropdown Menu  $15.95