9½"W x 4¾"D x 3"T. Includes the wooden box, screen printed on both sides, and also includes two handmade terra cotta pots.  $19.95      

Wall Planter with Three Pots 15" x 4" x 8". Includes three terra cotta pots. Each handmade pot measures 4" x 4".  $20.50

CW460029GR  Hanging Wire Pavilion

WT460051 Archway Glass Terrarium

Faucet Garden Stake with Planter Measures 32½"T x 8". This plant holder stake has a faucet and spigot knob to give you the appearance of running water being provided to the plant below. The 7" dia. removable flower pot is included.   $27.50

CW420023   Industria lLook  Wall Planter

CW550037  "Herbs" Wall Shelf

CW860750  Elkhorn Herbs Planter with Two Pots

CW580010    Hot Air Balloon Hanging Planter

10" dia. x 11." Chain is included. Measures 26" when hung.     $43.95

"Herbs" Wall Shelf 15"W x 3½"D x 20"T. Use this rack in a garden to hold small potted plants. This would also make a charming spice rack in a kitchen.     Hangs with two holes on the back.   $52.00  LAST CHANCE

Tcd  CW580002   Chancery Wall Planter

CW811272T  Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Hanging Wire Pavilion - Green/Rust  $26.50

CW420054  Squirrel Rain Gauge

Bunny Rain Gauge 5"W x2½"D x 6"T.  Includes a rain gauge.  $18.00   

This double plant holder stake will hold two plants at the same time. This piece measures 40½" tall and 15" spread from plant holder to plant holder. 7" dia. flower pots are included.  $36.25

Flower Bin - Set of Two Sizes Small: 10¾" dia. x 8"T. Large: 13" dia. x 8"T. Accessories are not included.  $70.00 

WT530019   Set of Two Corrugated Baskets

30" x 15½" x 22½". Bicycle comes with one front basket measuring 6½" dia. x 5½" tall. Also comes with two rear side baskets, each measuring 11" x 6½" x 5½". Terracotta pots not included.    $134.75   SALE  $67.95  Limited Quantity Available Once we sell out, we will not be ordering more. 

Hanging Mason Jar Bird Feeder 8" dia. x 8½"T. Mason jar unscrews from base to allow easy refills. Rope for hanging is included.  $28.00  

This birdfeeder measures 7" wide, 6" deep and 10½" tall. The top flips open to fill with birdseed.  $24.95

CW770120   Coffee Break Birdhouse

CW420085   Garden Gate Wall Planter

CW460061   Backyard  Bird feeder

CW460071GR   Wall Planter with Three Pots

CW400066 Charming Longwood Bird Feeder

Squirrel Rain Gauge 5"W x2½"D x 6"T.  Includes a rain gauge.   $18.00   

 Medium Hanging Cloche Planter 6½" diameter x 12"T. This wire item comes with a handmade terra  cotta pot. $18.50   Status: Limited Quantity Available

Set of Two Corrugated Baskets Large: 12½" diameter x 10½"T. Small: 10½" diameter x 7"T.   $54.00  

WT460136  Delightful Flower Bin - Set of Two

9" x 9" x 19". Hangs 26" and includes a pot that measures 5½" dia. x 3½".   $38.00   Limited Quantity Available  Once we sell out, we will not be ordering more.

 Archway Glass Terrarium This item measures 6½" wide, 4" deep and 8¾" tall. $20.25     

Midget Mason Jar Bird Feeder – Barn Roof 7" dia. and 9" tall. Birdseed is held in one of our recycled glass midget pint Mason jars, included. The top of the feeder screws apart and the top lifts off to make it easy to clean and add birdseed. Birdseed is not included.  $32.00   Status: Limited Quantity Available

9" x 4" x 18". Mounts with a keyhole hanger.     $34.55  Limited Quantity Available  Once we sell out, we will not be ordering more.

CW460020GR  Oval Wire Basket 

CW460024GR   Oval Hanging Wire Basket

WT420039  Garden Stake Bird Feeder

CW811277T    Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Garden Stake Bird Feeder 8½" dia. x 42"T.     A sharpened end at the base helps this item slide securely into the ground.  $28.50

Butterfly Bird Bath. This cast iron piece is 7½"W x 6½"D x 10"T and would look great on a tabletop.   $24.25    Status: Limited Quantity Available

CW460194GR Medium Hanging Cloche Planter

Industrial Double Wall Planter This is made from plumbing parts and looks great mounted on a fence.7" flower pots are included. This piece measures 20½" long, 10" deep and 11" tall.   $44.50

CW770131 SALE Bicycle Planter

CW420004  Faucet Garden Stake 

10" x 5½" x 10". Hangs from holes on the top.   $35.95

CW770137    Cute and Unique Saltbox House Metal Birdhouse

CW420055  Bunny Rain Gauge

CW770139    Truck Bed Wall Planter

Red Truck Garden Planter                     21" x 9½" x 10".  The wheels spin on this unique planter.    $94.75

Oval Hanging Wire Basket with Terra Cotta Pot - Green/Rust   9"W x 7"D x 2¾"T. With chain, 22½"T. This hanging wire basket comes with an oval scalloped terra cotta pot. Great for indoor and outdoor use. A chain with a hook at top allows the item to hang. Hangs from 22½" of chain. Pot measures 7¾" long, 6¼" wide and 2½" tall  $20.25  Status: Limited Quantity Available

CW770136    Unique Truck  Planter

Daisy Tabletop Birdbath/Feeder This cast iron piece is 7"W x 6"D x 5¼"T.  $22.50

Chancery Wall Planter  14" x 5" x 21". Pot is included and measures 11½" x 4¾" x 4½"  Limited Quantity Available  Once we sell out, we will not be ordering more.    $47.75  

Longwood Bird Feeder 9" dia. x 14"T. Includes 22" of chain for hanging. $42.00

The Country Garden

This oval wire basket comes with a terra cotta pot with scalloped top. This item measures 8½" long, 6½" wide and 3¼" tall. Handmade clay pot measures 7¾" long, 6¼" wide and 2½" tall.   $20.50      Status: Limited Quantity Available

WT420053   Tabletop Birdbath/Feeder 

CW420049  Butterfly Bird Bath

Now You can add Country Charm to YOUR Garden.  No matter where Your Garden is.

CW420002   Faucet Garden Stake 

Farm Fresh Truck Bed Wall Planter        14¼" x 4¾" x 19". Hangs with keyhole hangers.    $52.75   Limited Quantity Available  Once we sell out, we will not be ordering more.